· September, 2006

Stories about Belarus from September, 2006

Belarus: Protest Diaries and Opposition Leader

  29 September 2006

Ivan Lenin of Rush-Mush reports that the online diaries of a Belarusian protester Dasha Kostenko have been published in Moscow. He also criticizes the opposition leader Milinkevich: “It's a big shame that the brave Belarusians who were risking their health, their freedom, and their very lives didn't have a better...

Belarus: News Roundup

  19 September 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog writes about the new arrests of the opposition activists and about the “extreme and absolutely unacceptable” conditions, in which, according to the Belarusian government, Belarusian students live in the United States. Also, there's a translation of a Russian-language post about the regime's ominous reaction to an innocent...

Belarus: Ban List

  11 September 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog reports that soon foreign journalists, politicians and others banned from entering Belarus may also be automatically banned from entering Russia.

Belarus: Praising Hitler

  11 September 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog translates an article about former interior minister of Belarus praising Adolf Hitler's Code of Honor of the Officer.

Belarus: Boycott of Football Team

  6 September 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog suggests a more productive alternative to a senseless step taken by the Liberal Party of Netherlands to protest Aleksandr Lukashenko's regime.

Belarus: News Roundup

  1 September 2006

Most recent topics covered by TOL's Belarus Blog include: short-wave radio and “independent information” in Belarus; a proposed linguistic “upgrade” and other threats to the Belarusian language; scandals surrounding scholarship programs for persecuted students; Russian criticism of the Belarusian election law.