· July, 2010

Stories about Belarus from July, 2010

Belarus: Election 2011

  28 July 2010

Notes and updates on the upcoming 2011 presidential election in Belarus – at BelarusDigest (here, here, and here).

Russia-Belarus: Minsk publishes Nemtsov report

  20 July 2010

LJ user yury_zagrebnoy reports [RUS] that the Belarusian government newspaper Respublika has published excerpts [RUS] from a recent Kremlin-critical report by former Russian vice Premier Boris Nemtsov, apparently as another step in an ongoing media war between Moscow and Minsk.

Poland-Lithuania-Belarus: Grünwald 600 years

  15 July 2010

Belarus Digest writes about celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the battle of Grünwald, when troops from Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus defeated the Order of the Teutonic knights – a major turn in the medieval regional balance of power.

Russia-Belarus: Godfather of refused offers

  8 July 2010

Is it a deliberate provocation, a government-engineered attack on a foreign head of state, a gas-giant's attempt to rock Russian foreign policy - or simply an example of good and critical journalism? Questions abound in the Russian-language blogosphere following Russian TV-channel NTV's 4 July screening of "The Godfather" - a documentary about Aleksandr Lukashenko, omnipotent president of neighbouring Belarus.

Belarus, Ukraine: Chernobyl Evacuations, Exclusion Zone

  4 July 2010

Chernobyl and Eastern Europe writes about the Polesie State Radiation Ecological Reserve in Belarus, and cites Soviet-time evacuation documents, listing numbers of people who were evacuated from the areas close to the Chernobyl Power Plant following the disaster of April 26, 1986.