· December, 2006

Stories about Belarus from December, 2006

Russia, Belarus: “Gazilla”

  30 December 2006

There's a distinct sense of deja vu this New Year's Eve: Gazprom, Russia's largest (and state-controlled) company and the world's biggest extractor of natural gas, is in the spotlight again, both locally (due to an ambitious and controversial construction project in St. Petersburg) and internationally (due to a dispute over...

Belarus, Russia: Gas Problems

  26 December 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog writes that the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom “is not going to tolerate Lukashenka’s bluff and proceeds from warnings to direct actions.”

Belarus: CNN Available Online

  7 December 2006

CNN is no longer available in Belarus, writes TOL's Belarus Blog, but “as long as Internet spreads through the country, blocking news channels would be useless…”

Belarus: Absent-Minded Opposition

  4 December 2006

Belarusian opposition leader got detained recently, and – surprise, surprise – his detention was justified: he went to Latvia on his son's passport. More on the implications of such absent-mindedness at TOL's Belarus Blog.

Belarus: Media on Blogs

  4 December 2006

“‘Belgazeta’, ‘Salidarnasc’, BDG (‘Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta’), naviny.by – all of them publications with critical and objective approach – ran a piece in the past months describing blogs as the new alternative information source, as a major trend in mass media, or speaking about their vulnerability to desinformation.” Read more on...