· March, 2010

Stories about Belarus from March, 2010

Belarus: Blogger Attempts to Run Internet Election Campaign

  19 March 2010

Information Policy writes about a Belarusian blogger's failed attempt to run for Minsk city council, the use of internet in his campaign – and the new internet regulations that might soon be introduced in Belarus: “Lipkovich noted that his video interview in which he had announces his intention to step...

UK: Foreign Office on Ukraine and Belarus

  19 March 2010

Leigh Turner, UK Ambassador to Ukraine, writes about London's “intense interest in what's going on in Ukraine.” Belarus Digest reports that UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband (whose blog is here) “singled out Belarus in his introduction to the Foreign Office’s Annual Report on Human Rights 2009.”

Belarus diversifies oil deliveries

RuNet Echo  16 March 2010

Belarus Digest reports that Belarus plans to start importing oil from Venezuela to substitute for the country's oil dependency on Russia, which recently has caused strained relations between Minsk and Moscow.

Ukraine: “Why So Little Internet”?

  12 March 2010

Siberian Light looks at the BBC News “infographic about internet access in Europe” and wonders “why a relatively authoritarian country like Belarus has managed to get more than 1/3rd of its people online, whereas Ukraine has only managed 1/10th.”