· October, 2006

Stories about Belarus from October, 2006

Belarus: A Wedding Dancer

  27 October 2006

A rather amusing video from a Belarusian wedding party causes a rather serious discussion about the country's present and future, reports TOL's Belarus Blog.

Belarus: Persecution Continues

  24 October 2006

Former presidential candidate is in jail and on hunger strike; 60-year-old woman is sentenced to two years for requesting a psychiatric exam for the country's president – and this isn't all of it, writes TOL's Belarus Blog.

Belarus: News Roundup

  16 October 2006

The latest TOL's Belarus Blog posts cover these topics: population divided over mere symbols; the release of a young political activist; a hunger strike by members of a Minsk protestant church “New Life.”

Belarus: Music, Literature and Politics

  3 October 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog writes about the Accordion Party at Minsk YoYo Club; privileges installed for certain government officials; and the temporary closure of a literary journal that was publishing “some political analysis as well.”