· January, 2007

Stories about Belarus from January, 2007

Belarus: Mentioned in the State of the Union Address

  24 January 2007

According to TOL's Belarus Blog, Belarus gets a useless mention in this year's State of the Union address: “It turns out that when things go sour in Iraq, promoting democracy in Belarus and Burma are actually a good card to play for George Bush…”

Belarus: Eurovision Shame

  23 January 2007

Turns out some Eurovision contenders are worse than others: according to TOL's Belarus Blog, British music critics think Belarusian entries are “dreadful.”

Belarus: Small Business Endangered

  3 January 2007

A new law is likely to wipe out some of Belarus’ small businesses, reports TOL's Belarus Blog: “Beginning at January 1st, 2008, individual entrepreneurs will be able to hire only family members and close relatives. It can end up closing half of small businesses in the country.”