· December, 2007

Stories about LGBTQ+ from December, 2007

Barbados: Homophobia

  31 December 2007

“In the Caribbean we are confused and hypocritical in our attitudes toward sex in general”: Living in Barbados blogs about the region's lack of tolerance for homosexuality.

Taiwan: An Ironic Human Rights Day

  24 December 2007

In this article, I will carry on the subject from my last article in bringing you information on human rights in Taiwan. Top Ten News on Human Rights The Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR) released their picks for “Top Ten News on Human Rights in 2007″ just before the...

Egypt: Lesbian Film

  18 December 2007

“(A) new Egyptian film by the director Khaled Yousef has a Lesbian character in it. There is even rumor of a kiss…” writes Amal, from Palestine. “Before anyone gets too excited about the new age of liberalism in Egyptian cinema, the leaks indicate that the lesbian character is an evil...

Armenia: Pink Armenia

  15 December 2007

Unzipped: Gay Armenia informs its readers that a new LGBT NGO has been set up in Armenia. Pink (Public Information and Need of Knowledge) Armenia will specifically work in the area of STI/HIV prevention in the Armenian LGBT community.

China: Bullog's top stories of 2007

  13 December 2007

Is it top ten year-end list time yet? Bullog International blogger Song Shinan gives us eight choices [zh] in a vote for blog story of the year at Bullog, the small but growing blog service provider (BSP) which hosts some of China's most progressive blogger voices, centered around hope to...

Bermuda: Off Target?

  9 December 2007

A Limey In Bermuda suggests that targeted tourism efforts on the island do not include gay people. Follow-up post here.

Bahamas: Religion and Violence

  8 December 2007

The current crime wave in the Bahamas has many people citing a need “to turn to God” – Nicolette Bethel refers to studies which suggest that “the higher the religiosity of any society, the more violent that society is.”

Lusosphere: Are you hetero?

  8 December 2007

Earlier this week, Global Voices published an article about an advertising campaign in Guatemala which had raised a few eyebrows among local bloggers. More or less at the same time of this publication, some other bloggers in Portugal were celebrating a victory: the day on which a beer company gave...

Peru: Sexual Orientation Discrmination

  3 December 2007

The Peruvian Congress is debating whether to ratify the Ibero-American Agreement on the Rights of Young People, which would include the topic of sexual orientation. El Blog de Morsa [es] writes why some sectors are hesitant.

Blogging World Aids Day

  2 December 2007

Bloggers around the world marked World Aids Day on December 1 by speaking openly and strongly about HIV and AIDS. Each post is a tribute to the fight against the epidemic, which only grows stronger through silence and misinformation.

Israel: Jony Jerusalem, AIDS activist

  2 December 2007

Jony Jerusalem is the online name of an AIDS activist in Israel. He lives in Jerusalem and has been an HIV carrier for the past five and a half years. Frustrated by the lack of information online, he created the website Israelpositive. On December 1, Jony launched a new a social networking website for HIV positive carriers.