· April, 2006

Stories about LGBTQ+ from April, 2006

Costa Rica: Supreme Court to Discuss Gay Marriage

  27 April 2006

Andrés Duque says that Costa Rica's supreme court will decide next week if a new petition for marriage rights for same sex couples is constitutional. Sergio of La Foto Salió Movida describes (ES) the recent opposition against a gay rights conference. Cristian of Fusil de Chispas cites the intolerant comments...

Sri Lanka: Gay Pride in Colombo

  20 April 2006

Colombo gets an opportunity to be proud. Portrait on the Gay Pride in the city – “Colombo pride is going to happen over a week beginning on the 21st of may, and the activities are going to include a film marathon, a kite festival and of course, the essence of...

Jamaica: Homophobia and defensiveness

  18 April 2006

Francis Wade offers a thoughtful response to TIME magazine's designating Jamaica “the most homophobic place on earth”. “We sound like some Chinese or Cubans when we argue that human rights issues are an internal matter, and that any outside comments are just “interference in our internal matters,” he says. “We...

Voices of African women – this week

  18 April 2006

Fleur writes about the harrowing case of 7 soldiers sentenced to life for rape and crime against humanity for the rape of 119 underage girls in Congo. The government of Congo has also admitted partial responsibility and financially compensated the family of the victims. Fleur says ….it sends an important...

Bahamas: Cultivating tolerance

  13 April 2006

Sir Arthur Foulkes assesses tolerance levels in the Bahamas in light of reactions to the docking of a gay cruise ship and the banning of the film “Brokeback Mountain”.

Japan: Celebrity fanfare

  13 April 2006

Have you heard of the leather-clad hip-thrusting Japanese celebrity Razor Ramon Hard Gay? A post on the Gen Kanai blog gives a thorough introduction: “A group of fansubbers have started to do fansubs of Razor Ramon's Hard Gay comedy sketches. They have a wiki, and a forum and put their...

Hong Kong: Same sex discourse

  12 April 2006

Has Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain given homophobia a foothold within the Cantonese language? The flagrant harbour blogger gives us the both the short and long answer in ‘Brokeback Mounting.’

Jamaica: Homophobic blog?

  11 April 2006

Mad Bull wonders if the homophobic agenda of a Jamaican blog called Killbattyman.org is a huge joke — or deadly serious.

Jamaica: More on the UWI gang violence

  7 April 2006

Francis Wade links to two editorials on the subject of the beating of an allegedly gay man by fellow students at the Jamaica campus of the University of the West Indies. He also tosses a challenge to the country's new Prime Minister: “What would it be like if either the...

Jamaica: Intolerance at university

  5 April 2006

The beating of a young allegedly gay man by fellow students at the Jamaica campus of the University of the West Indies prompts Francis Wade to contemplate issues of tolerance and crowd psychology.

Bahamas: Brokeback banned

  4 April 2006

Sir Arthur Foulkes discusses the banning of the film “Brokeback Mountain” in the Bahamas, comparing the incident with another film banned back in 1950: “No Way Out”, starring Bahamian-born Sidney Poitier.

The African women’s blogsphere this week

  3 April 2006

Virtual cartwheels are perhaps our only last recourse as apparently African women are (still) invisible. Black Looks writes about an recent article in the Guardian where the founder of the Carnival of Feminists cannot find our blogs. In a post entitled Aint I a Woman???, Black Looks says: That's odd...