China: Bullog's top stories of 2007

Is it top ten year-end list time yet? Bullog International blogger Song Shinan gives us eight choices [zh] in a vote for blog story of the year at Bullog, the small but growing blog service provider (BSP) which hosts some of China's most progressive blogger voices, centered around hope to move on from the beating public trust in government and media has taken in recent months.

2007 was Bullog's first full calendar year—if you include the month this autumn it spent ‘under reconstruction’—and saw several high-profile personality clashes, three nominees for the Best of the Blogs awards, at least two server blow-outs and, most recently, a move overseas. Just twenty-four hours after Song published his post on Dec. 12, eight pages of votes had already been left; he begins:

Ring out the old, ring in the new;

The year is going, let him go;

Ring out the false, ring in the true.


Another year is almost gone, so come, let's have some fun.


Candidates for Bullog 2007 News of the Year are as follows (you have one vote, please leave it in the comments):





1. The harmonization of Bullog Central

On October 19, for reasons that everybody knows are unavoidable, Bullog Central was forced to shut down by the Beijing Communications Administration. We can find in the 17th National Party Congress keynote report these “reasons that everybody knows are unavoidable, namely, “guaranteeing the people's rights to be informed and to be heard.”

Following this, Bullogger “the Chairman's foot soldier” posted “the incomplete list of Bullog users’ mistresses’ addresses” on, and with readers’ additions, was widely spread around (He Caitou, loving supporter of Bullog alive—and “out of order”—also reposted this).

Following that, Bullog editor-in-chief Luo Yonghao shocked everyone with his optimism. He did not angrily go off on the government, or start casting thousands of curses upon anyone's mothers, nor did he start whining and playing the victim, shouting something like “Bullog forever! Long live freedom!”. Just like the fatty he is, stayed calm and reasonable, dealing silently with the issue at hand—

The old, and new, Bullog logo.









2. The opening of Bullog International

On November 20, Bullog International ( opened for service. Aside from the two functions of readers’ comments and open registration, from the users’ perspective, it was exactly the same as the old Bullog.

Bullog International, minus a bulletin board system, saw a decrease in click rates from the old Bullog, but the daily average of individual hits hasn't seen too big a change. This just shows how faithful the steady readers are that the old Bullog managed to establish in just a year and two months.

In the comments on one blog, one reader wrote: “Bullog, my spiritual home.”

Those with more thicker skin might have vomited upon seeing those words, but the thin-skinned, passionate about Bullog types, they were in for a shock.

This age in which we are living, is an age fraught with perils. Everything of value is now being subverted: justice, responsibility, humanism, and idealism. And things of no value are being subverted even faster, like the South China paper tiger, Ouyang‘s moon crater, an economical Olympics, as well as successful reform to the housing system. And us, here in this perilous age, how easily we end up nihilists.

But, no matter how abnormal, how messed up, this age may be, at Bullog, some values are surviving, and survivors who prize these kinds of values are still speaking out there.

Just so long as you are willing, at Bullog, you are guaranteed to find survivors and survival of these kinds of values there.




3. Liveblogging of “the walk in Xiamen”

Over June 1 and 2, thousands of Xiamen residents spontaneously took to the streets for “a walk”, demanding an end be put to the PX project. Bullog user Beifeng and one friendly international type rushed to the scene, and along with Bullog user Buchong, used mobile phone SMS and an internet operator to carry out live reports of the full duration of the procession on a Bullog blog.

In the collective absence of Chinese traditional media reports on “the walk in Xiamen”, the voices spread through Bullog blog-reporters were both exceptionally harsh and pleasing.






4. Lian Yue's winning of the Best Chinese Blog award in Deutsche Welle's Best of the Blogs

On November 15, the winners of Deutsche Welle's international blog competition were announced in Berlin. The title of best Chinese blog was awarded to Bullog author Lian Yue. What's ironic is that from the beginning of voting for the competition until the announcement was made, Lian Yue's blog was inaccessible.

The reason “Lian Yue's Eighth Continent” was inaccessible was due to the old Bullog's having been harmonized.

As one of Bullog's flagship figures, Lian Yue's persistent criticism of the PX project throughout 2007 made him a hero both for Xiamen and for freedom speech in China.

In fact, three of the blogs in this years Best of Blogs competition were Bullog bloggers. Aside from Lian Yue were Drunk Piano and Luo Yonghao.


6 月4日,方舟子在他的牛博博客上发表声明:“今天有一名来自吉林延边的精神病患者通过代理服务器和刷贴机上了几千条内容相同的评论和留言,我没有时间删除和管理。在牛博网管理人员做到以下三条之前,我将关闭这里的评论和留言:一、删除这几千条重复的评论和留言。二、防止重复张贴和炸板。三、对评论和留言增加‘全部选择’的功能以便成批删除。”





5. The Luo-Fang War [no English reference link]

On June 4, Fang Zhouzi wrote on his Bullog blog: “today, one psychopath in Yanbian, Jilin, using a proxy server and a spambot, posted several thousand comments of similar content [to my blog], which I do not have time to delete. Until Bullog webmasters make the three following adjustments, I will close comments on my blog: 1) delete the several thousand repeated comments; 2) prevent repeat postings and comment blasts; 3) add a ‘select all’ function so comments can me moderated en masse.”

Luo Yonghao responded to this, and eventually wrote: “so to not affect my mood while carrying out webmaster work, I've taken the annoying-as-hell Mr. Fang's blog down off Bullog's front page, and removed it from “the full list of Bullog users…from today forth I will continue as of old to support Mr. Fang's academic fraud-busting and science writing career. My past support of Mr. Fang was not borne of affection for him, and my loathe of him now will not mean non-support for his causes. Links to the New Trends and Dajiajijin websites will remain on the Bullog front page, and Bullog's “Editor Picks” will continue to highlight Fang Zhouzi's writings on science; only the links will be directed to New Trends itself, or Fang's Sina blog.

Then the fighting began.

The conclusion: Fang Zhouzi left Bullog, and some New Trends fans came from this to see Bullog as foe.

As I see it, the Luo-Fang War, was not a conflict of interests, nor was it a conflict of principles. It was a personality clash. Fang Zhouzi's departure was of course a loss to Bullog, but not an irrecoverable loss. It's a shame, but not a tragedy.


2007 年8月25日,平客在他的牛博博客上发帖《同性恋是犯罪?》,力挺激情燃烧掉同性恋的傻逼孙海英,并给出了很神奇的理由:“我是反对同性恋的,即便我是同性恋我也反对它。那终究是有悖常态的非主流行为,同性可以有很深厚、绵长的友情,但性嘛,实在不堪。我反对同性恋,但我尊重周围彼此相爱的同性恋朋友,那是他们的自由。我在反波里谈过这个问题,现在的同性恋在政治正确的旗帜下,不仅是理直气壮了而已,大有“同性恋代表先进生产力、代表先进文化、代表人类进步”的趋势,那就全人类都同性恋吧,一代,只要一代,人类就会灭绝。”




6. The “discrimination against homosexuals” controversy [no English reference link]

On August 25, 2007, Pingke posted “Homosexuality is a crime?” on his Bullog blog in support of that stupid c*** Sun Haiying's passionate flaming of homosexuals, giving the very miraculous reason that: “I oppose homosexuality, and even if I was a homosexual I would still oppose it. It is, after all, still an abnormal minority behavior. Homosexuals can have deep, tender friendships, but sex? It's totally unbearable. I oppose homosexuality, but I respect my close homosexual friends who love each other; that is their freedom. I've discussed this problem on my podcast show, how now, under the flag of political correctness, homosexuals aren't only just becoming more self-righteous, but are all like, ‘homosexuals represent advanced productivity, represent advanced culture, represent human evolution.’ So let everyone go gay then—in a generation, just one, humans will go extinct.”

Bullog user Boss Wang then wrote the posts, “A few words I can't hold in” and “The wasps ain't done with you yet”, disagreeing with Pingke, only both sides’ disagreements got a little violent.

Meanwhile, bloggers kept poking the wasp's nest, and the vast majority of them took part in ganging up on Pingke, only a few tried to stop the fighting. It ended with Pingke leaving Bullog's main page.

The way I see it, there isn't much difference between discrimination against homosexuals and the burning of heathens during the Middle Ages. Pingke has the right to defend his “opposition to homosexuals”, and bloggers of course have the obligation to attack him like wasps.





7. “The Bullog Collection” to be published presently

In November of 2007, Luo Yonghao phoned up all the Bullog bloggers, hoping they would agree to let their works be included in “The Bullog Collection”.

The mastermind behind the publishing of “The Bullog Collection” is one of Beijing's ten top ladykillers, Mo Zhixu, and the preface is tentatively set to be written by ten of China's biggest cultural figures: Luo Yonghao, Guo Jingming, ProState in Flames, Xu Jinglei, Wang Pei, Lin Zhiling, Lian Yue, Tian Zhongai, Drunk Piano and [the Taiwanese popstar?] Jolene Tsai.

A line-up of the brightest stars, coming to you soon.

Is the last one a candidate or Song's wishful thinking? Bullog founder Luo Yonghao is quite well-known offline in China for his former career as an instructor with New Oriental.







8. Luo Yonghao prepares to teach Marxism-Leninism at the post-graduate level

In December, 2007, Luo Yonghao accepted an invitation from one post-graduate institution in Beijing, to teach a post-graduate course next summer on Marxism-Leninism.

The post-secondary institution had originally invited Luo to teach English, but faced with Luo's refusal to tread old ground, they then urged him to teach Marxism-Leninism.

Luo's first response was, ‘cut the crap,’ but then came to think, ‘if we don't hold the lead in Marxism-Leninist thought, then who might occupy it?’ Then he decided to go teach China's best class in Marxism-Leninism.

Luo also stated, he plans to teach his students to death with it—those he doesn't talk back into living.

I have only two comments on this: infiltrating the enemy camp to win the hearts and minds of the young—oh yeah!


  • visiter

    I have seen this site.Part of blogs is excellent.But when some pride authors attack others,it appears so sorry.

    And I think these blogs all stay in one site, it is easy for gaovernment to block them.Though they maybe think communication is powerful.

  • I haven’t heard much about the ‘Best of Bullog’ book, but in theory some of my stuff might be in it as well — Lao Luo asked, anyway.

    Also, Jolene Tsai? I hadn’t been aware that she was literate.

  • some one is going to subvert Marxist Leninism? Then there is hope after all.

    There is a reason why the Soviet Union is mo more. Ash heap of history anyone?

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