· June, 2007

Stories about LGBTQ+ from June, 2007

Palestine: A Classic Case of Divide and Rule?

With so much happening on the ground, this week many of the blogs by Palestinians, and those focused on Palestinian issues, have kept their attention on the ongoing events in Gaza. Ayesha Saldanha reviews what Palestinian and other bloggers had to say about the civil war in Gaza, the World Refugee Day and conversations over picking thyme.

Romania: GayFest 2007 in Bucharest

Plenty of pictures and a report from the GayFest 2007 in Bucharest by Romerican: “Perhaps a statement of solidarity, the Romanian Jandarmeria had stationed a large number of attractive men in uniform alongside the gay paraders.”

Jamaica: Homophobia and Tourism

  15 June 2007

Francis Wade wonders whether the signals Jamaica is sending to the international community about its position on homosexuality is having an adverse affect on the island's image.

Serbia: “The Hidden Fascism”

Inspired by the legacy of an African-American activist Audrey Lorde, a Serbian blogger condemns her compatriots' tendency to keep silent about crimes taking place in their own backyard. Sinisa Boljanovic translates an excerpt from this passionate post.

Jamaica: No More Homophobic Lyrics

  14 June 2007

Jamaican View reports that “three of the world’s top reggae and dancehall singers have renounced homophobia and condemned violence against lesbians and gay men.”

China: The death of a lesbian

  11 June 2007

Li yinhe blogs about the death of Juan Zi, a lesbian who committed suicide because her mother locked her up for six months upon finding out her sexual orientation.

Israel: Jerusalem Pride, Democratic Shame

Gilad Lotan takes a look at what Hebrew bloggers have to say about a Pride Parade being planned in the holy city of Jerusalem. Should Gay Parades exist in Jerusalem? Should they be allowed to go ahead to enable minorities to have a voice in democratic Israel? Click to read more.

India: On movie reviews and the “straight” taste

  4 June 2007

typos, gravity and other mishaps doesn't quite take to a movie review in a newspaper. “This is a generalisation. The derogatory tone it takes also implies that homosexual men do not have good taste – well, not Mr. Kamath's taste. With what conviction can Mr. Kamath assert that only women...

AIDS in Japan: Blame it on gays?

  1 June 2007

Since the first case of AIDS in Japan was officially reported in March, 1985, official figures have indicated that the number of cases of HIV/AIDS among Japanese has been steadily increasing over the years (this despite the difficulty of making assessments due to the low rate of HIV testing among...