· April, 2007

Stories about LGBTQ+ from April, 2007

Cayman Islands, Jamaica: Interesting Cartoons

  27 April 2007

Writing from the Cayman Islands, Mad Bull posts three cartoons drawn by the Jamaica Gleaner’s Las May that he thought “were either funny, or interesting, or funny AND interesting, all at the same time.”

Africa: the cultural construction of African homosexuality

  27 April 2007

Gukira discusses “the cultural construction of African homosexuality”: If we are to understand the cultural construction of African homosexuality, it must be from within the prison. Once we understand sodomy as a tool of political repression, or, more precisely, as being intertwined with political repression, then we can understand, if...

Aruba, Puerto Rico: Recognizing Gay Marriage

  16 April 2007

Aruba is the first Caribbean territory to officially acknowledge gay marriage, reports gay news blog. The move follows a three-year legal battle with Dutch authorities that began when a lesbian couple tried to register their marriage on the island. And Vivir Latino says that Puerto Rico may be considering the...

Martinique: Breakup Blues

  10 April 2007

Le Blog de [Moi] had a fit of anguish [Fr] at the news that a 20 year same-sex relationship recently ended. Says the blogger: “I have a hard time with lesbian breakups … As if we owed ourselves to make it against all odd … And I can't help but...

China: Queer Tibet

  10 April 2007

Did you know Lhasa, capital of Tibet, has its own gay bar? Gay bloggers too. Via Jeremy Goldkorn at Danwei, that and more from Fridae.com correspondent Dinah Gardner.

China: On Wang Xiaobo ten years later

  10 April 2007

Blogger and Life Weekly editor looks back at another renowned cultural critic—Wang Xiaobo, on the tenth anniversary of Xiaobo's death, how he relates to works from someone a generation older than him, and how Xiaobo ended up on the cover of Life Weekly. [zh]