· February, 2009

Stories about LGBTQ+ from February, 2009

Jamaica, Guyana: Action or Reaction?

  26 February 2009

Both Active Voice [Jamaica] and Guyanese blogger C.D. Valere (writing at Baiganchoka) continue the discussion about recent attempts by the Jamaican Broadcasting Commission to “clean up” the airwaves.

Philippines: Praise for “Milk” film

  25 February 2009

Talinghagang Gala, a student leader in the Philippines, is happy for the Oscar victory of Sean Penn for his acting performance in the film “Milk.” He praises the progressive message of the film.

Jamaica: The Power of Words

  20 February 2009

“Everybody who has felt the need to prove their Jamaican-ness has said it: gays and lesbians ought to be expelled from the national body…”: Long Bench has had enough of that kind of talk, saying, “maybe we are ready to start acting like we live in a democracy, where every...

Kenya: Gays Set Up Support Group

  19 February 2009

Gays in Kenya have set up a support group for married gay men, reports Rants and Raves of a Kenyan Gay Man. The support group is expected to be “a place that provides confidential environments where issues surrounding straight spouses, children, the workplace, health, male relationships, gay culture, and coming-out...

Japan: Transgender Man to Receive Compensation As a Male. Surprised?

  18 February 2009

The Okayama District Court has ruled that calculations of estimated lost earnings for a transgender man suffering severe aftereffects from a traffic accident be based on average wages for an adult male, even though he is registered as a woman in the national family registry. Bloggers reflect on gender identity and sexual identity, income disparities between men and women, and the country's recent "onee boom".

Hong Kong: Network Mobilization Against Religious Hegemony

  16 February 2009

Yesterday (Feb 15), more than 800 people participated in a demonstration against Christian Right Wing in Hong Kong. The rally has no traditional NGO back up and it is mainly mobilized via facebook groups. Sidekick reported about the rally via twitter during the rally and put the messages together in...

Georgia: Homphobic TV

  14 February 2009

Unzipped: Gay Armenia reports that a LGBT organization in the Republic of Georgia has filed a complaint against the deputy head of Public TV for homophobic remarks.

Jamaica: All That Glitters

  14 February 2009

Homophobic statements from a member of the Jamaica Prime Minister's cabinet prompts Abeng News Magazine‘s Kadene Porter to say: “The abundance of divisive nonsense-statements that he and his band of ministers seem to come up with is drawing more than ribaldry from a nervous and watchful public.”

Uganda: Behind The Mirror

  10 February 2009

Sokari writes about the documentary Behind the Mirror, which investigates and advocates for responses to the many challenges faced by the LGBTI community in Uganda.

Armenia-Azerbaijan: LGBT roundup

  10 February 2009

With the traditional media in the South Caucasus rarely reporting on sexual or religious minority rights maturely, blogs have stepped in to fill the gap and Unzipped: Gay Armenia continues to post LGBT news from the region. Following recent homophobic remarks from local politicians and civil society activists as well as in articles in the local press, the blog says there is actually some good news for a change.

Kenya: Anti-gay blog suspended

  6 February 2009

Gay Kenyan Man write about the anti-gay blog in Kenya that has been suspended: I am a believer in freedom of expression and actually think that blog helped expose that there are some willing to propagate hate to get their point across. But I draw the line when someone advocates...

Azerbaijan: Breaking Taboos

  4 February 2009

Nigar [RU] announces the publication of a controversial new book in Azerbaijan. Artush and Zaur: A Legend of Love tells the story of an Armenian and Azerbaijani against the backdrop of the emerging conflict over Nagorno Karabakh. Ромовый дневник [RU] links to a comment made on an Azerbaijani forum, now...

Pakistan: Queer Culture

  3 February 2009

“Internet, lies, hiding and partying will not give anything to gays of Pakistan. They have to enter a political struggle. Sooner or later,” writes Shaheryar Ali at Pak Tea House while discussing the LGBT movement in Pakistan.

Armenia: More Homophobic Traditional Values

  2 February 2009

Following homophobic remarks from leading representatives of the country's civil society and media outlets, Unzipped: Gay Armenia continues to highlight the continuing prejudices against the LGBT community from the most unexpected quarters. In its latest post, the blog comments on the words of an MP, doctor and member of the...