· February, 2006

Stories about LGBTQ+ from February, 2006

Brazil: The Winners and Losers of Carnival

  27 February 2006

Sangroncito has three descriptive posts on Carnival in Salvador, noting that, “not everyone in Salvador loves Carnaval. For some middle and upper class Soteropolitanos (as citizens of Salvador are called), Carnaval is a nightmare of crowds, noise and crime and they flee the city.” Robert Basler writes of a screenwriter's...

Zimbabwe: Mugabe birthday speech

  27 February 2006

Zimbabwean blogger, the Bearded Man reports on Mugabe's birthday speech in which he blasts imperialism and gays and lesbians..on imperialism “in a state of readiness to fight the enemies who might dare to attack you, invade you or claim through the use of arms that a portion of Zimbabwe belongs...

Singapore: In-Between

  24 February 2006

At Singapore's Sayoni Speak, Sheila Rajamanikam describes what it's like being a transsexual: “I wish people around me could accept both parts of me: in a shaved head, packing, male looking body as well as a sari clad jewellery wearing one.”

Argentina, Cayman Islands: Gay Cruise Ships

  22 February 2006

Ian writes that South America's first “gay cruiser” has docked in Buenos Aires. Andres Duque has more on the controversial cruise journey – which plans on ending its voyage in Rio for Carnival – as he compares it to a similar cruise which caused an uproar in the Cayman Islands...

Guatemala's Gay Porn Uproar

  19 February 2006

Commenting on the political uproar which has followed the shooting of a series of homosexual pornographic films in Antigua, Guatemala, El Blog Diablogico writes from the colonial city: It's not exactly clear what most disturbs the Guatemalans about this piece of news. It's as if an apparent act of disrespect...

Singapore: Hard to Come Out

  16 February 2006

jin at Singapore's Sayoni Speak writes about how difficult it is to come out as a lesbian to members of her family. She's been trying. “But somehow, something always stops me from blurting out the words. I can’t seem to gather the courage.”

Nigeria: being gay and fear

  13 February 2006

Nigerian blogger, AfroHomo continues his memories of growing up gay in Nigeria. This post is on “fear”…….”In my nightmare, I am walking down a Lagos street and street hoodlums attack me with sticks and blows. Finally, they put a tire around me, douse me with gasoline and set me on...

Beyond One's League in Gay Japan

  9 February 2006

On Chinese Chic, hcpen cites a comprehensive review article of gay life in Japan from the Japan Times, and contemplates on why a Westerner “could get guys ‘way beyond his league’ in terms of looks and age” in Japan.