· November, 2007

Stories about LGBTQ+ from November, 2007

Caucasus: LGBT Conference

  15 November 2007

Unzipped: Gay Armenia has an exclusive interview with Christopher Atamian, President of the Armenian Gay & Lesbian Association of New York on the situation of the LGBT community in Armenia. The interview also details plans to hold a conference on LGBT rights in the Caucasus in the very near future.

Jamaica: Our Caribbean

  14 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp features Our Caribbean: “an anthology of lesbian and gay writing from across the Antilles”.

Brazil: Morality, homophobia, ethics or hipocrisy?

  11 November 2007

After a popular tour throughout the country, everything was ready for the opening of the photo exhibition Heróis (Heroes) by Luiz Garrido, in Brasília, capital of Brazil. This time, the 24 black and white pictures of famous Brazilians were to be shown at the Chamber of Deputies, as part of...

Uganda: Fighting for gay rights in Uganda

  8 November 2007

Is it worth it fighting for gay rights in Uganda?, asks GayUndanda: “Trying to convince people that what I am demanding is normal? Insisting that I am a normal human being? The price is high. But the alternative is too costly.”

Guyana: Live and Let Live

  7 November 2007

As the debate over the homosexual lifestyle heats up in Guyana, Stella Ramsaroop says: “Sexual preference continues to be at the forefront of the ‘get rid of them because they are different’ battle simply because there are so few who wish to accept the fact that a person’s sexuality is...

India: On being Sexual

  5 November 2007

Confessions from the Closet on the labels on sexuality – bisexual, lesbian etc, and on admitting to be a “sexual being”.

Caucasus: Coming Out

  3 November 2007

Unzipped: Gay Armenia details and analyzes recent examples from Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia of gay men “coming out” about their sexual orientation, as well as cases of others “outing” rivals in entertainment and politics.

India: The “But” People

  1 November 2007

South Ways reacts to the “but” people – like the ones who say “I am not against gay rights, but…”. All prompted by the reaction to Rowling's statement about Dumbledore being gay.