· August, 2008

Stories about LGBTQ+ from August, 2008

Cambodia: Sex workers, 100% condom use and human rights

  25 August 2008

Cambodian sex workers have taken to the internet to make their plight and fight for human rights better known. In Cambodia, a 100% condom use law which states that sexual exchanges with clients have to take place with condoms on sounds like a good idea, but it has been turned against those it is supposed to protect, by being used as a means to imprison sex workers, using the fact that they carry condoms with them as evidence for them doing sex work.

India: Mumbai Pride

  22 August 2008

Sakshi Juneja posts some pictures of the recently concluded Queer Azadi LGBT pride march in Mumbai, India.

China: Gay Olympics

  21 August 2008

Shanghai Fag Hag from Shanghaiist wrote about Gay sport competition in Shanghai hosted by an organization called Rainbow League.

AIDS 2008: Lifting the Travel Ban on HIV-Positive People

  16 August 2008

The XVII International AIDS Conference ended in Mexico City last week, leaving participants with much to focus on until the next conference, which takes place in Vienna in 2010. One of these areas of focus are the travel restrictions imposed on HIV-positive people entering a country for the short or...

Puerto Rico: Gay Marriage

  14 August 2008

“If a person thus chooses to love another–of the same sex or opposite–and that person loves back, why shouldn't they be allowed to formalize their relationship? Is love so frightening?” asks Gil the Jenius, as he weighs in on the issue of gay marriage.

USA: Blogging for Anglican Inclusion of LGTB Priests and Bishops

  13 August 2008

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual priests and bishops made efficient use of citizen media to support their campaign for inclusion in the Anglican Church at the recent Lambeth Conference, a global gathering of 650 bishops and archbishops held at the Canterbury Cathedral in the United Kingdom.

African MSM & Sex Workers Voice Concerns and Hopes at AIDS 2008

  11 August 2008

The AIDS 2008 conference (IAC) in Mexico City drew to a close on August, 8th, 2008. The theme of the conference was “universal action now” and judging by the heavy international attendance, the focus on marginalized communities and the daily newsletter aptly called “Global Voice”, it delivered on the promise....

AIDS 2008: Battling AIDS By Battling Homophobia

  8 August 2008

As the XVII International AIDS Conference wraps up in Mexico City, one of the many issues participants have been discussing is the international failure to adequately address HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with other men, often referred to as MSM. SciDev.Net’s blog points out that: “In the 1980s, when...

Armenia: New Transgender Blog

  6 August 2008

As the LGBT community in both Armenia and the Diaspora continue to adopt blogs in order to communicate in what otherwise remains a media vacuum, Unzipped: Gay Armenia announces the establishment of Transgender in Armenia. The blog, written in Armenian and Russian, is based in Yerevan and Unzipped: Gay Armenia...

Blogger of the week: Hanako Tokita

  3 August 2008

In this week's installment of the Blogger of the Week series we talked to Hanako Tokita, the editor of the Global Voices Lingua site in Japanese and author for Japan, about blogging, the perception of Japan and of course her involvement with Global Voices.

Hungary: Coverage of Gay Pride and Right-Wing Opposition at Hungarian Spectrum

  3 August 2008

One year after she launched Hungarian Spectrum, blogger Eva S. Balogh explained that her primary motivation had been dissatisfaction "with political information available in English about Hungary." Many of the posts on Hungarian Spectrum are devoted to the politics of Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union, the country's largest opposition party, and its supporters. Below is a roundup of some of the recent entries.

Haiti: Pierre-Louis is New Haitian PM

  1 August 2008

Blesh Family in Haiti Web Log links to a New York Times report announcing that Michele Pierre-Louis has been confirmed as Prime Minister of Haiti – and adds: “Well we hope this will help Haiti…”