· July, 2008

Stories about LGBTQ+ from July, 2008

Haiti: Act 3, Scene 2

  30 July 2008

“It has been fascinating to follow. And we are thankful that we are now watching Scene 2 unfold, while not really certain of its outcome”: jmc strategies is watching the process develop as Michèle Pierre-Louis moves closer to potentially becoming Prime Minister of Haiti.

Trinidad & Tobago: Living the Truth

  30 July 2008

Blogging from Trinidad and Tobago, Ramblings and Reason bursts with pride when her “friend David not only got on a stage and said that he is a gay man, he also said he is living with HIV and has been for 11 years. For him, it was about being honest....

Thailand: Transvestite toilets

  30 July 2008

A school in Northeastern Thailand has introduced “transvestite toilets” for male students who choose to dress as females. Connecting the dots criticizes the new toilets.

Japan: LGBT Youth Exchange Project

  23 July 2008

LGBT Youth Exchange [jp] is a joint project by the Center for Gender Studies at International Christian University in Tokyo and Youth and Play Services of the city council of Bristol to bring LGBT youth from England and Japan together. This year, young people from Bristol are invited to come...

Haiti: Woman PM?

  21 July 2008

kiskeácity reports that the woman to be nominated for the post of Haitian Prime Minister is battling “a vicious campaign of innuendo and allegations about her sexual orientation”, but her supporters are hopeful: “The final word is now in the hands of the Senate which will vote on the nomination...

Azerbaijan: Homophobia, Politics & Corruption

Unzipped: Gay Armenia continues to detail the ongoing saga of Agil Khalil, an opposition reporter in Azerbaijan, who was recently stabbed. Although the authorities in Baku continue to maintain that the perpetrator of the attack was a jilted former-lover, the blog notes that international organizations have determined the following trial...

Armenia: Gay Rights

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on letters published in the Boston-based The Armenian Weekly discussing gay rights and same-sex marriage. The blog says the letters set an important precedent for fighting for gay and human rights issues and hopes that the same will occur in Armenia proper.

Armenia: LGBT Blogs

While most political blogs in Armenia simply duplicate the views of an already polarized media, the voices of those stuck in between, denied access to the airwaves, or who are simply misrepresented, are often ignored. That might now all be changing with the appearance of several LGBT Blogs from Armenia and the Diaspora.

Bulgaria: Intolerance and Gay Pride

Kyle Grady of What's Going Down? writes about “Sofia's week of intolerance” leading up to Bulgaria's first gay pride parade: “The parade itself, which was marked by confusion, anxiety, and tension, felt more like a final verdict than the main event, and I'm happy to report that in spite of...

India: Pride and Gay

  3 July 2008

To Each Its Own on the gay pride parades in various Indian cities, and the strange absence of participants in Mumbai.

Azerbaijan: Asylum Campaign Meeting

Unzipped: Gay Armenia updates its readers on the case of a gay Azerbaijani currently in Wales. Babi Badalov's claim for asylum has been rejected and the artist faces deportation. The blog notes that there have been attacks on Babi Badalov in the Azerbaijani media and that he will also be...