· August, 2006

Stories about LGBTQ+ from August, 2006

Argentina: Drag Shows

  30 August 2006

Dan Perlman on drag shows in Buenos Aires: “Unfortunately, Buenos Aires’ gay scene, entertainment-wise, seems trapped in the late ’70s/early ’80s, at least from a New York perspective. Drag shows are the thing, and often, the exact same drag show, week in and week out.” Read on to discover the...

Poland: Suing the Homophobes

  30 August 2006

The beatroot writes that Polish gay rights activists are taking the wrong cases to court: “But going to courts over the two pieces of infantile nonsense […] is not the right way to go about challenging officially sponsored homophobia in Poland.”

Japan: web diary turned novel

  24 August 2006

Lee from Tokyo Times introduces another web diary turned novel in Japan. This time the story is about lesbian longing from Harukarin Blog.

China: debate on ploygamous relation

  20 August 2006

There is a lengthly debate on polygamous relation in Li Yin-he's blog. It started Li's blogging on the LGBT meeting in this July. Her viewpoint was reported by mainstream newspapers and triggered a hot debate about Chinese tradition, western modernization, sex culture, etc. (zh)

Belarus: Opposition's FAQ; Gay Belarus

  15 August 2006

The once very lively Belarusian flash mob LJ community – by_mob – is now rather sleepy (possibly, because it's summer). But it's not dead. LJ user z-hunter, for example, has recently suggested to compile a list of 100 “frequently asked questions and answers” – about the opposition to Aleksandr Lukashenko's...

Estonia: Gay Pride and Skinheads

  14 August 2006

Giustino of Itching for Eestimaa writes about yet another Gay Pride fiasco in Eastern Europe: this time in Tallinn: “And the only people it has to blame for this latest disturbance are about 30 to 50 shaven clowns.”

Martinique: Homophobia and Tourism

  8 August 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] disagrees (Fr) with local LGBT association An Nou Alle that Martiniquan homophobia explains a recent lag in its tourism industry but agrees with them that certain local dancehall artists –Krys in particular– are going too far with their homophobic lyrics. She points our that Jamaica has...

Estonia: Gay Pride

  2 August 2006

Giustino of Itching for Eestimaa writes about Estonia's positive image in the international gay community. Estonia's third gay pride festival is taking place in Tallinn August 7-13.