· March, 2008

Stories about LGBTQ+ from March, 2008

Poland: The President's Homophobia

  24 March 2008

The beatroot reports that “the Polish Consulate in New York has just apologised to Brendan Fay, the gay guy who complained about use of his image in the recent anti-homo TV rant by President Lech Kaczynski.” Leopolis writes about president Kaczynski's “paranoid tirade, outlining the greatest threats to Poland (besides...

Bangladesh: Fighting the cycle of poverty

  17 March 2008

In this week's roundup we will highlight some of the discussions happening in the Bangladeshi Blogosphere on the issues of Poverty, LGBT and Travel . Poverty: Bangladesh is a developing country and the main problem of this country is overpopulation. It has one of the highest population density among the...

Feeling for the Gays of Iran

“My heart aches for the gay and lesbian Iranians trying to flee persecution but are being turned away. After all, if there are no gays in Iran, surely this means they need homes elsewhere?” writes Ladyteacher.

Bermuda: Homophobia

  11 March 2008

“If I call someone out as a homophobe I mean it with all the venom as if I were to call someone a racist or a sexist”: A Radical in Bermuda calls it like he sees it.

Jamaica: Homophobia

  8 March 2008

“What’s at the crux of such bigotry? Our homophobia can be so extreme that a man who has only one woman is suspect. And there in lies the subtext, that our Homophobia is not really homophobia at all but a crisis in manliness”: Marlon James dissects the issue of homophobia...

Uganda: Religion and homosexuality

  2 March 2008

Gay Ugandan and religion: “The issue is my sexuality. Homosexuality. The Church of Uganda believes that my sexuality is unnatural. And that it is a sin. They believe that it is sinful to encourage a person like me to salvation in Jesus’ name.”