· September, 2008

Stories about LGBTQ+ from September, 2008

Belarus: Greens fight for gay rights

  30 September 2008

LJ user palitekanom reports on [RUS] actions by the Belarus Green Party to defend the rights of the LGBT-community in the country and a proposal to impose sanctionary measures against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

Taiwan: Run The Rainbow Way

  30 September 2008

Despite the Typhoon, the LGBT community had their annual rally in Taipei city. peopo.org has put up a video on the event with coolloud.org.tw‘s citizen report.

Brazil: A million signatures against homophobia

  28 September 2008

Thiago Velloso [pt] publishes the banners for the 13th Gay Pride Rio, which takes place on October 12, and provides info regarding an online petition hosted by the No To Homophobia website in support to the bill that criminalizes homophobia in Brazil. “A million signatures is expected. Do your bit.”

UK: Azerbaijani Gay Artist Deported

  20 September 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia reports that gay Azerbaijani artist Babi Badalov has been deported from the United Kingdom to Azerbaijan. The blog also says that faced with protests, the British Midlands Airways’ spokesperson turned off his phone to avoid calls lobbying on Badalov's behalf.

Lebanon: Homosexuality in Lebanon

  20 September 2008

Although Lebanon stands out as a more tolerant space for homosexuality in the Middle East, the real life for this section of the community is not paved with roses. A quick round up of blogs and spaces promoting this issue in Lebanon gives the reader a brief peek into how this community lives.

UK: Azerbaijani Gay Artist's Deportation Update

  20 September 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia reports that following pressure on Azerbaijani Airlines, the details of Azerbaijani artist Babi Badalov's deportation from the UK have been changed. The blog calls on concerned individuals and organizations to lobby British Midlands Airways (BMI) who will fly Badalov to Baku in just a few hours.

UK: Gay Azerbaijani Artist Faces Deportation

  18 September 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia reports that gay Azerbaijani artist Babi Badalov faces deportation from the U.K. this weekend. The blog has chronicled concerns about the persecution of people such as Badalov in the South Caucasus and urges its readers to protest against the decision.

Nigeria: House of Rainbow Takes a Brave Stance

  17 September 2008

Sokari writes about the House of Rainbow, the church for LGBTI people in Nigeria: “Rev Jide Macaulay who founded the Rainbow Church (part of the Metropolitan Community Church network) has taken a brave step in opening up the church amidst the rampant homophobia in a country where religion is all...

Azerbaijan: Gay Artist Detained in UK

  16 September 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia reports that gay Azerbaijani artist Babi Badalov has been detained by British police. Badalov is currently seeking asylum in the United Kingdom and the blog posts details of a protest demonstration to be held in his support today.

Costa Rica: Referendum on Gay Civil Unions

  10 September 2008

In order for a referendum to be valid in Costa Rica, 1.3 million citizens must cast their ballots. There is a movement to call a referendum regarding civil unions between homosexuals writes Fusil de Chispas [es].

Haiti: The Road Ahead

  8 September 2008

jmc strategies says that “Michèle Pierre-Louis is now officially the Honorable Prime Minister of Haiti…just in time for the opening of the chapter on what may turn out to be the biggest challenge facing Haiti this decade: how to rebuild after the devastations wrought by Hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and...