· January, 2008

Stories about LGBTQ+ from January, 2008

Armenia: Gays in the Diaspora

  27 January 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on how being homosexual or lesbian is still considered a taboo subject to talk about in the Armenian Diaspora. The blogger also links to and discusses an academic paper on the LGBT Armenians at UCLA.

Tunisia: An Introduction

  25 January 2008

The "Tunisphere" is a group a passionate Internet users and bloggers even if their number is not as high as in neighbouring countries like Morocco. Naruto introduces us to some of his country's leading bloggers in his first post for Global Voices Online.

Africa: Homosexuality debate

  24 January 2008

Andrew Heavens writes about homosexuality in Africa: “Amazing. The debate about homosexuality in Africa that started on Meskel Square almost three years ago is still going strong.”

Turkey: Dink on LGBT Issues

  20 January 2008

On the first anniversary of the murder of Hrant Dink in Istanbul, Turkey, Unzipped: Gay Armenia remembers the slain newspaper editor and journalist speaking on Turkey-Armenia relations as well as family and gay issues.

Cuba: Gender Issues

  16 January 2008

Child of the Revolution reports that Cuba has given the green light to “Cuban transsexuals who want to undergo what is now described as sex-realignment surgery.”

Brazil: On being bisexual

  8 January 2008

Insurreta [pt] discusses ideas and preconceptions regarding bisexuality.  “Having an bisexual identity makes no sense – the letter “b” in LGBTTT – if you don't understand a bisexual person as bisexual, but as a homosexual person still in the closet, or as a promiscuous heterosexual. There is a specificity in...

Brazil: On the polemic campaign against AIDS

  2 January 2008

Alda Inacio [pt] on the withdrawal of an European campaign against AIDS showing two men having sex, on the grounds that the images were too explicit. “I believe that this disease does not belong to any class and this unfashionable mentality should have been abolished by those who made these...