· August, 2010

Stories about LGBTQ+ from August, 2010

Bangladesh: An Important Recognition

  20 August 2010

Andalib at Cadet College Blog discusses [bn] about the recent decision of Bangladesh election commission to recognize “sex worker” as a profession in the voter ID.

Armenia: Homophobic radio station rewarded?

  19 August 2010

Having already warned against increasing levels of homophobia in society, including that recently shown by a local radio station in a project ostensibly meant to promote European integration and values, Unzipped: Gay Armenia is shocked to discover that international bodies continue to work with those it feels should be blacklisted...

Nicaragua: Blog Informs About LGBT Community

  18 August 2010

Grupo de Diversidad Sexual de Carazo (Sexual Diversity Group from Carazo) keeps a blog [es] called Espacio Comunicación Alternativa (Space for Alternative Communication), where they aim to, “Create alternative and accessible processes to inform, communicate and teach LGBT youth, to achieve empowerment, recognition and respect for different sexual orientations and...

Somaliland: Challenge for openly gay president

  17 August 2010

Sokari's reaction to the news that Somaliland's President is openly gay: “Roll on the next AU [African Union] meeting. Will he stand up for LGBTI Rights?…If not and his identity becomes silent then he betrays his own self as well as the people who voted for him.”

Mexico: Adoption Rights for Same-Sex Couples

  17 August 2010

Pepe Flores writes [es] about the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a law which allows same-sex couples to adopt children. He calls the ruling, “A great triumph for the LGBT community in our country, and in general, for all civil society.”

Hungary: Xenophobia, Homophobia, Crime

  12 August 2010

Hungarian Spectrum posts an update on the investigation into a series attacks on and murders of Gypsies that took place over a year ago, and writes about several recent murders and the discussion of homosexuality-related issues that they have generated online.

China: Sex workers demand legalization, organizer detained

  1 August 2010

If prostitution doesn't violate contemporary cultural norms, sex activists argue, then why doesn't the law reflect as much? Just a few days after a group in central China took to the street to gather support in a fight for social status for sex workers, the organizer has been detained by police.