· November, 2006

Stories about LGBTQ+ from November, 2006

China: Queer blogs for the straight eye

  30 November 2006

There hasn't been a terrible lot happening in China lately that could be filed under ltgbq news. There's been stories of a lesbian hotline in Beijing, the opening of the country's first university campus queer club, and the usual excitement over pro-gay marriage politician and public intellectual Li Yinhe‘s latest...

Africa: LGBTs issues in Africa

  29 November 2006

Black Looks writes about current development in LGBTs issues in Africa, “The Kenyan Times published an article in support of the South African Bill and states that it does not believe that homsexuality is “unAfrican” which in itself is quite a leap forward as that is one of the principle...

Guyana: Little progress on eradicating homophobia

  24 November 2006

SASOD, the Guyana-based Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, publishes on their blog a letter sent to the Kaieteur News acknowledging the progress made in other developing countries towards reducing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and protesting the ineffectiveness of the Ethnic Relations Commission.

Martinique: A Coming Out Story, Part 4

  23 November 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] posts the fourth and final installment of her personal coming out story. She tells of loosing her first same-sex love and being declared dead by her mother on the day of her coming out to her (Fr): “As if I were dead. Dead. In her eyes,...

Sri Lanka: On Homosexuality

  13 November 2006

An interesting discussion in the Sri Lankan blogosphere on homosexuality. True Sri Lankan appears to believe that homosexuality is not natural, however homosexuals should not be hated and instead need compassion. Indi.ca responds by point out that homosexuality is not a pathological condition to be treated.

Poland's Pulse in the Blogosphere

  13 November 2006

Looking on with incredulity…Impersonal meets personal on the streets in Poland. Automatic money machines not adopted by all. Shared by WarsawDaily. On Nov. 11, Poles observed Independence Day. Apartment blocks donned national flags, but there were no fireworks. Woodcraft in Poland places the holiday in its historical context. As noted...