· June, 2006

Stories about LGBTQ+ from June, 2006

Martinique: In the Closet to Officemates

  29 June 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] reveals (Fr) that she is not out to her officemates. However she admits that it is getting harder and harder to lead a double life and that she wonders how long she will be able to keep her secret to herself.

Hungary: Gay Pride Parade

Paul of Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar writes about the Gay Pride that took place in Budapest this past Saturday – and recommendations on how to remain anonymous while marching.

El Salvador: Gay Pride and Gay Issues

  27 June 2006

Observing that “dozens of gay and lesbian protesters marched today in a Gay Pride March in San Salvador,” Tim Muth links to some background context on gay issues in El Salvador. Meg also writes about “Salvadoran Gay Pride.”

Latest in French-Speaking African and Indian Ocean Blogs

  25 June 2006

PAN-AFRICAN Homosexuality in Africa Not a Myth France-based Togolese blogger Kangni Alem reflects on a homophobic movement in Cameroon that sees homosexuality as a suspect new “religion” and concludes: Evidence des temps, l’homosexualité ne peut plus être perçue comme un mythe en Afrique. même moi je l’ai cru longtemps, jusqu’au...

Martinique: Coming Out Advice

  22 June 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] encourages (Fr) local lesbians to accept their sexuality: “Know that being homosexual doesn't rime (no longer rimes?) with being unhappy (…) If one day (…) “they ” find out, they'll gossip one, two (three???) months then less and less, then from time to time and then...

Bermuda: Advice for Renee Webb

  22 June 2006

Pleased that Bermuda House of Assembly backbencher Renée Webb will attempt once again to introduce a bill outlawing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the Limey outlines the conditions that would give the bill a greater chance of success.

Jamaica: Anti-gay groups

  20 June 2006

Francis Wade notes the arrival of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship and the National Church Alliance, the first organised anti-gay groups in Jamaica, and quotes a Jamaica Observer article which states that the groups have proposed that the phrase “free and democratic society” be replaced in the country's Charter of Rights...

Polish Blogosphere Roundup

With almost 20,000 names (and counting) added to a digital petition against a restrictive DRM (Digital Rights Management) bill in the Polish legislature, Poland IP news and resources reports that: Under the heavy critique of the public opinion the Ministry of Culture withdrew some most criticized provisions (inter alia changes...

Mexico: Participitory Radio

  16 June 2006

Radio host (and now blogger) Ana Maria Salazar invites readers to participate in an online chat following her Saturday night radio program “Seguridad Total.” Also on Saturday, a gay pride parade in Mexico City.

Poland: Homophobia and the EU's Mild Response

Srdjan Cvijic of The TransAtlantic Assembly writes about the EU's unfairly mild reaction to homophobia and intolerance in Poland: “More importantly, the case of Poland, and the mild reaction of other member states, directly compromise the EU enlargement and foreign policy. How can the EU pretend to demand from the...

Poland: Warsaw Equality Parade

The beatroot posts Joseph Vogt's pictures from the Equality Parade that took place in Warsaw on June 10, and writes about the event that drew from 2,000 to 10,000 people: “Unlike similar marches in Poznan and Krakow which ended in bloody violence, this demonstration was peaceful and pleasant.” Becca Steel...

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

Phew, what a week in Iraq blogs. The assassination of Zarqawi caused a flood of blog posts and this on top of another flood of quality thoughts from the Iraqi bloggers. Here is the cream of the crop. And read on to find out why one blogger wants to send...

Belarus: Homophobia

TOL's Belarus Blog highlights homophobic attitudes that seem to be prevalent in the country and are even shared by the otherwise progressive politicians: [Artur Finkievich, a leading “Youth Front” activist] said that if his organization comes to power, they will treat those who has non-traditional sexual orientation as monsters. They...

Poland: Equality Parade to Take Place Saturday

Poland's Equality Parade will take place Saturday; Becca of Boo writes on her plans to participate and also muses about the importance of “standing up for fundamental rights in what should be a modern, European state” at p3. The beatroot and p3 report that the All-Polish Youth decided to cancel...

Trindad & Tobago: Looking homeward

  7 June 2006

London-based Trinidadian blogger Seldo grapples with the idea of returning to Trinidad. In his lengthy and eloquent post he asks hard questions of himself and his homeland and contemplates the role a white, privileged, gay Caribbean man can play in shaping his country's destiny.

Romania: Homophobia and Gay Rights

Cristian of Owlspotting posts a candid reflection on homophobia and gay rights in Romania: “If “Will and Grace” was a Romanian sit-com, Will would either be spending a lot of time in the emergency room, or he would be experimenting with innovative forms of denial.”

India: Eunuchs and mainstream

  6 June 2006

Sachiniti on Eunuchs and the notion of integration. “The picture that comes to mind on hearing the term “Eunuch” is spontaneously one of a garishly dressed, overly madeup, loud gestured err.. person.”