· December, 2008

Stories about LGBTQ+ from December, 2008

Caucasus: 2008 Blog Review

  25 December 2008

Last year ended with a state of emergency declared in Georgia, but few could imagine that the events of 2008 would eclipse those of 2007. Three presidential elections, a war, and yet another state of emergency defined the South Caucasus this year, and bloggers were there to document events from...

Armenia-Azerbaijan: LGBT Cultural Icons

  22 December 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia writes that most Armenians are not aware of the sexuality of two of the nation's greatest cultural icons, Sergei Parajanov and Yeghishe Charents. Meanwhile, as the Azerbaijani parliament votes to lift the restriction on the number of terms a president can be elected for, IN MUTATIONE FORTITUDO...

Armenia: LGBT News

  20 December 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia is pleased to inform its readers that following the recent UN statement in support of LGBT rights, World Focus has quoted the blog in its report on the move which Armenia endorsed. In related news, the same blog also details the contents of a new issue of...

Dominica: The Buggery Law

  18 December 2008

As HIV infection rates continue to climb, Dominica Weekly says: “The point is our politicians, religious leaders and community health experts must learn how to bury their differences and find multi-divided solutions to the HIV/AIDS problem.”

Cuba: The Crowing Rooster

  18 December 2008

In response to Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez's question, Mariela Castro calls her the equivalent of a “cocky hen”, prompting Sanchez to ask: “Does she believe that I do the work of a man because I demand rights and claim respect for political preferences? If to be a very delicate hen...

Barbados: Assets & Orientation

  18 December 2008

Barbados government minister Patrick Todd is in hot water with the nation's bloggers. Barbados Free Press calls his statement about members of Parliament declaring assets an “outright lie”, while Gallimaufry and The Bajan Dream Project are appalled by his call for all Barbadian MPs to publicly declare their sexual orientation,...

Hong Kong: Pride Parade 2008 – Celebrate Love

  12 December 2008

In this coming weekend (13 of December), a coalition of civic groups will organize a pride parade to celebrate diverse love expression. Although Hong Kong is a global city, to organize this parade is not easy at all, the government, public service sector and conservative Christians do not even try to hide their discrimination.

Cuba: Idealogical Monogamy

  11 December 2008

“If concepts such as ‘sick’ have now been banished from the study of homosexuality, why does the adjective ‘counterrevolutionary’ continue to be used for those who think differently”: Yoani Sanchez puts the question to Mariela Castro Espin, the director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education.

Egypt: Inanities on Homosexuality

  11 December 2008

Sarah Carr, blogger and journalist addresses how a published feature titled “Honey, I’m homosexual” and online comments perpetuate myths about homosexuality and, in doing so, contributes to the culture of intolerance in Egyptian society.

Armenia: UN Declaration Supporting LGBT Rights

  10 December 2008

Despite problems with its human rights record and being the last country in the South Caucasus to decriminalize homosexuality, Unzipped commends the Armenian government for endorsing the UN statement against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Armenia: Sex Education

  3 December 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on reported changes to legislation concerning HIV/AIDS in Armenia. In particular, the blog notes, this looks likely to include mandatory sex education classes in Armenian schools.

Armenia: World AIDS Day Observed

  2 December 2008

Yesterday marked the 20th World AIDS Day, and although the event was marked on a small scale in the Armenian capital, it was nevertheless observed in a country where such subjects as sexual health and alternative sub-cultures are usually considered somewhat taboo.

Madagascar: Fighting complacency on World AIDS Day

  1 December 2008

On world AIDS day, Malagasy bloggers reminded their readers that despite the progress made in the field of AIDS therapy and HIV prevention, one cannot afford to be complacent about preventing the disease. During his weekly address to the nation, the president of Madagascar Marc Ravalomanana reminded his fellow citizens that there is no development without health care and encouraged nonprofit organizations and faith-based associations to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Taiwan: HIV+ Bloggers’ Love for Life

  1 December 2008

For most of the bloggers in Taiwan and around the globe, Dec 1st is World AIDS Day, but for HIV+ bloggers everywhere, everyday is AIDS day. Two days ago I yelled on my personal twitter: "Does anyone know any HIV Positive bloggers?" I soon received a reply.

Armenia: World AIDS Day Events

  1 December 2008

Pink Armenia, a local NGO campaigning for LGBT rights as well as the prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases and infections, posts details of events to be staged in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, in cooperation with other NGOs to mark World AIDS Day. The schedule includes a public march, the distribution of...

Armenia: World AIDS Day

  1 December 2008

To mark World AIDS Day, Unzipped: Gay Armenia looks back at the year and posts links to blog posts and stories regarding HIV/AIDS in Armenia. The blog also posts details of events being staged in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, and promises updates later in the day.