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Thailand: Floods and Social Media

  30 October 2011

Many parts of Thailand are still flooded as the country continues to face the worst flooding disaster in the past half century. But some bloggers believe the flooding disaster has been exaggerated by the media - social media in particular.

Overview of Occupy Southeast Asia

  27 October 2011

‘Occupy’ protests are also spreading in Southeast Asia. Inspired by the global ‘Occupy’ movement, assemblies were organized this month in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. Here is an overview of the 'Occupy' actions in the region and their online impact.

Myanmar: Local Politician Allows Opium Production

  26 October 2011

The Palaung Women’s Organization reports that an elected official in the Palaung region of Shan State North in Myanmar has allowed the cultivation of opium in the area which generated more social problems in the affected communities.

Myanmar: Video of Dissident Comedian Blogger Zarganar

  26 October 2011

Reporters Without Borders posted a video interview with the dissident comedian and blogger Zarganar from Myanmar who was released from jail early this month. Zarganar discussed media freedom and the situation of Myanmar's political prisoners.

Thailand: Government Censored Thaiflood Website?

  26 October 2011

The Committee to Protect Journalists has issued a statement expressing concern about the reported attempt of the Thailand government to censor the citizen-journalist website Thaiflood which has been provising useful updates about the flooding disaster in the country.

Thailand: Burmese Workers Arrested Outside Flood Zones

  26 October 2011

Mahn Saimon reports that Burmese workers who are escaping the floods of Thailand are being arrested by Thai police forces for travelling outside of their permitted zones. There are three million Burmese migrants in Thailand which is currently experiencing the worst floods in half a century.

Why Occupy Singapore Failed

  19 October 2011

It seems Singaporeans are preoccupied with something else because nobody showed up in the OccupyRafflesPlace event which could have been the Singapore equivalent of the Occupy Wall Street protest. Bloggers discuss the failure and prospects of the initial attempt to 'Occupy Singapore'

Thailand: Flood Maps and Disaster Monitoring Tools

  18 October 2011

In an earlier post, Global Voices featured some of the online maps which were created to monitor the floods in Thailand. The flood disaster is already the worst that ever hit the country. Here are other useful online maps, twitter reports, and disaster monitoring tools that provide information about the floods

Malaysia: #cleanbefore13 hashtag

  17 October 2011

The twitter hashtag #cleanbefore13 refers to the campaign to pressure the Malaysian government to implement immediate electoral reforms before the 2013 general elections.

Anti-Malaysianism in Indonesia?

  17 October 2011

Farish A Noor discusses the perceived anti-Malaysianism sentiment in Indonesia. The author hopes for better relations between the two neighbors in the Southeast Asian region

Behold Singapore’s ‘Onternaut’ Netizens

  13 October 2011

They are online, they visit alternative websites, and they surf in the cyberspace like astronauts. They are Singapore’s ‘Onternauts’ or young netizens who use the internet to monitor news, share information, and engage in politics. But do they like to be called Onternauts?

Thai Film Archive

  13 October 2011

tilmanbaumgaertel writes a review of the Thai Film Archive. The museum is housed in a replica of the first sound studio in Thailand

Cambodia: Music Magazine

  13 October 2011

Students of the Royal University of Phnom Penh are behind the launching the magazine Dontrey which features the musical traditions of Cambodia

Mapping the Thailand Flooding Disaster

  9 October 2011

252 people have already died in Thailand due to more than two months of heavy rains. Many parts of Bangkok, the country’s capital, are already submerged in floodwaters. Online maps have been created to monitor the floods and inform the public on the extent of the flooding disaster.