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Philippines: “Renewable Marriage Bill”

  26 January 2010

A partylist group in the Philippines wants to introduce a law that would put a ten-year expiration date on marriage contracts. As expected this unique proposal generated an intense reaction in the blogosphere.

Philippines: Blogger charged with libel

  26 January 2010

A Filipino blogger was charged with a libel suit by the secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development after writing about the ‘rotting’ relief goods in a government warehouse. This is the first time a public official has sued a blogger in the Philippines.

Vietnam: Football frenzy

  26 January 2010

Football is very popular in Vietnam. Every time Vietnam wins in international competitions, it generates a lot of excitement, and traffic, in big cities.

Why Malaysians are migrating?

  14 January 2010

The number of Malaysians who are migrating to other countries is increasing. The Other Malaysia provides a historical and political analysis to this phenomenon.

Church attacks in Malaysia

  13 January 2010

Several Christian churches were attacked in Malaysia following a court ruling which overturned the government directive banning non-Muslims from using the word Allah in their teachings and publications. Here are some reactions from the Malaysian blogosphere