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Philippines: Blogger House Project

  27 January 2012

Baratillo Pamphlet writes about the Bloggers for Habitat YouthBuild Philippines project which aims to gather 2,000 youth that will help rebuild the lives of families whose homes were totally damaged by a typhoon.

Brunei: Support Group for Individuals with Autism

  23 January 2012

The Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education and Resources – Brunei Darussalam or Smarter Brunei is a family support group and association which was established to protect every individual member with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their family members.

Myanmar: Interview with Former Prime Minister

  23 January 2012

The Myanmar Times publishes its exclusive interview with U Khin Nyunt, Myanmar's former military Intelligence chief and former prime minister, who was freed together with hundreds of political prisoners last week.

Indonesia’s Teenage Thief and ‘Sandal Scandal’

  23 January 2012

Thousands of Indonesian citizens deposited old sandals in front of police stations across the country to protest the beating of a 15-year old boy accused of stealing a pair of flip-flops owned by a policeman. Netizens react to the 'sandal scandal'

Myanmar's Nuclear Program

  20 January 2012

The Democratic Voice of Burma has uploaded a video documentary about its discovery of the secret program of Myanmar’s ruling generals to build nuclear weapons.

Malaysia: Ministry Blames Google Translate for Website Errors

  17 January 2012

Don’t wear “clothes that poke eye” and remember the “Mongoose fight” uniform for official functions. These are some of the funny English translation errors in the website of Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense. The errors have been removed already but not before netizens were able to discuss them thoroughly in various social networks

Myanmar: Welcome Party for Freed Blogger

  17 January 2012

Htoo Tay Zar posts pictures from the welcoming party for freed Myanmar blogger Ko Nay Phone Latt. The blogger was one of the 600 political detainees who were released from prison in Myanmar on Friday, January 13, 2011.

Reviewing Malaysia's National Car Policy

  17 January 2012

Anil Netto lists the reasons why he thinks Malaysia's national car policy is a ‘big mistake.’ He mentioned that “the dependence on motor vehicles puts Malaysians at the mercy of higher oil prices.”

Thailand: Village Opposition to Red Shirts

  13 January 2012

The Isaan Record writes how a small village in northeast Thailand voted against the planned establishment of a Red Shirt community in the area. The Red Shirts belonged to the opposition bloc in the previous administration and they are associated with deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.