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Myanmar: Photos of Earthquake Disaster

  25 March 2011

A 6.8 earthquake hit northeast Myanmar on the evening of Thursday 24 March, 2011, which was felt in nearby Thailand and as far away as Vietnam and China. The quake killed at least 70 people and destroyed more than 240 buildings in Myanmar alone but casualties could be higher. In Tachilek town, coffins were sold out hours after the quake.

Should Indonesia Abandon its Nuclear Plans?

  24 March 2011

Indonesia’s plan to build its first nuclear plant in the next decade has been shelved indefinitely because of the nuclear disaster in Japan. Bloggers are joining the debate on whether Indonesia should pursue its nuclear dreams.

Philippines: Manila Twestival

  24 March 2011

Proceeds from the Manila Twestival which will take place today will go to JeepneED. The group aims to provide mobile science and tech materials for rural schools in the Philippines.

Twestival Brunei

  22 March 2011

Twestival Brunei (or Twitter Festival) will take place on 24 March in support of the Child Development Centre. The beneficiary is an active NGO which provides assistance to special children.

Myanmar: VoIP calls declared illegal

  22 March 2011

The Irrawaddy reports that the Myanmar government has ordered internet cafe operators to stop VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls since they allegedly affect state revenues.

Singapore: Reactions to Japan Earthquake Disaster

  20 March 2011

In this post, read the first hand account of Singapore students during the earthquake in Japan. Find out why a media giant in Singapore apologized for sending a marketing email about the quake. And bloggers react to the statement of the Senior Minister who compared the ‘noisy’ Singaporeans with the ‘stoic’ Japanese in times of disasters.

Malaysia: Rising household debt

  20 March 2011

Anil Netto analyzes the causes of rising household debt in Malaysia. Housing loans, car loans and credit card payments make up most of household debt in the country.

Malaysia: Blogger who wrote about sex scandal arrested

  19 March 2011

uppercaise reported that popular blogger Mohd Nur Hanief Abdul Jalil from Malaysia was arrested and questioned under the Sedition Act. The blogger recently wrote about a sex scandal involving the Sultan of Selangor and a celebrity model