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Oil spill disaster in Singapore

  29 May 2010

A ship collision in Singapore Strait caused the spilling of 2,000 tonnes of crude oil into the sea. Singapore netizens are using the web to monitor and document the marine disaster and to call for volunteers in the cleanup drive.

Southeast Asia: Reactions to Thailand protests

  25 May 2010

The violent confrontations between the heavily armed soldiers and Red Shirt protesters in Thailand in the past week have stunned the world. What are the reactions of bloggers from neighbouring Southeast Asian nations?

Thailand: Blog reactions to Bangkok violence

  21 May 2010

Bangkok is now under full government control after government troops successfully removed the Red Shirt protest barricades in the city. Here are several blog reactions from Bangkok about the raging political crisis in the country

Thailand: Red Shirt protesters remain defiant

  18 May 2010

The Red Shirts want a truce with soldiers but the government insists the protesters must first disperse before negotiations can proceed. Soldiers are already using live ammunition against protesters which the government justifies as a necessary step to restore order in the capital.

Bangkok clashes: Pictures, Videos and Twitter reports

  16 May 2010

Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva will not back down as he ordered the military to continue the operations against Red Shirt protesters in Bangkok. Abhisit insists the violent dispersal of protesters is justified to bring back stability in the capital.

Thailand: Protest blockade ends in violence

  15 May 2010

The attempt of the Thailand military to blockade the Red Shirt protest camp in Bangkok ended in violence with 16 people dead and hundreds injured. Here are liveblog and twitter reports from Bangkok.

Cambodia: Freedom of Assembly in Freedom Park

  9 May 2010

Cambodia has designated a Freedom Park where citizens can use to air their grievances against the government. The Freedom Park is located far from government buildings. Protesting in other areas is outlawed.

Cambodia Knits

  8 May 2010

The blog of Cambodia Knits documents the activities of a social enterprise whose goal is to produce high quality and unique hand knit products while providing fair and flexible employment opportunities to poor residents of Phnom Penh.