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Philippines: Worst Flooding in 40 Years

  27 September 2009

Tropical Storm "Ondoy" hit the Philippines last Saturday triggering the worst flooding in 40 years which left 50 people dead and 280,000 residents displaced. Social media sites were maximized to share updates about the storm and to assist flood victims

Bangkok Twestival

  23 September 2009

Bangkok Twestival organizers happily announced that the event raised more than US$600 for the benefit of two orphanages.

ILO Mission to the Philippines

  22 September 2009

A blog was set-up to highlight and report the activities and findings of the International Labor Organization High-Level Mission to the Philippines. The ILO mission aims to investigate the alleged human rights violations experienced by Filipino workers under the incumbent government.

Vietnam: Sex Trafficking in Saigon

  21 September 2009

Fish Egg Tree is angry and disappointed to learn that sex trafficking is rampant in Pham Ngu Lao in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam even though authorities are aware of the problem.

Laos: Monk Chat Blog

  21 September 2009

The Monk Chat program in Vientiane is a venue where Lao monks and foreigners can exchange in dialogue about their culture and religion.

Philippines: Deadly fight over a stuffed toy

  18 September 2009

A scavenger was killed by a fellow scavenger when they fought over a stuffed toy they both found in a dumpsite. Ka-Blog! points to this story as reflection of the grinding poverty in the Philippines.

Aceh, Indonesia: Adulterers will be stoned to death

  17 September 2009

Bad news for adulterers and homosexuals in Aceh, Indonesia: The Regional House of Representatives has passed a law that imposes a punishment of stoning to death against married adulterers and 100 lashes with a cane and a fine of 100 grams of pure gold against homosexuals.

Cambodia: Professional training for dentists

  16 September 2009

Details Are Sketchy criticizes a sub-decree by the Cambodian government which encourages dentists to undergo professional training but does not include a penalty for those who refuse to do so.

Cambodia: Population increase

  16 September 2009

Cambodia's 2008 Population Census has been released. The census shows the country's population increased from 11.4 million in 1988 to 13.4 million in 2008.

Singapore: Housing grants

  16 September 2009

A single person from Singapore is complaining against a policy which prevents unmarried persons from applying for housing grants.

Malaysia: McDonald’s vs McCurry

  10 September 2009

Malaysia’s Federal Court has ruled that McDonald’s trademark name was not violated by McCurry, a local Indian restaurant which is popular in Kuala Lumpur.