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Myanmar's other political prisoners

  30 November 2010

Despite the recent release from detention of Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, human rights advocates remind the public that there are still more than 200 political prisoners inside Myanmar.

Philippines: #dearlottowinner hashtag

  30 November 2010

Twitter users in the Philippines are using the hashtag #dearlottowinner to greet and send suggestions to the lone grand lotto winner who stands to receive $US15 million, the biggest jackpot prize in Philippine gaming history.

Cambodia: Stampede tragedy during Water Festival

  23 November 2010

It was the last hour of the last day of the Water Festival in Cambodia. Then a stampede tragedy over a bridge connecting a reclaimed island to the mainland killed more than 300 people. Here are eyewitness accounts and other blog reactions.

Vietnam: “Rule by law”

  21 November 2010

Viet Tan, an opposition party in Vietnam, discusses how Vietnamese authorities restrict freedom of speech and civic opposition through “rule by law.”

Singapore: Rising Gang Violence

  14 November 2010

Twitter hashtags #slashing and #369 became trending topics a few days ago. They refer to the slashing incidents in Singapore involving a youth gang called 3-6-9. Netizens are worried and angry over the rising cases of gangster violence in recent weeks.

Singapore General Election Portal

  14 November 2010

This portal contains manifestos, media releases, statements, and blogposts about the social, economic and political issues that will be raised in the next general election in Singapore next year.

Thailand's forest monks

  11 November 2010

Paul Garrigan blogs about the forest monks of Thailand. These Buddhist monks left the temples to wander in the forests and live like ascetics.

Myanmar Election: Junta-backed party wins, violence erupts

  9 November 2010

After twenty years, elections were held in Myanmar and as expected the junta-backed party won with the Union Solidarity and Development Party getting more than 80 percent of the seats in parliament. But the opposition is claiming that the poll results were rigged.