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Indonesia: Sony vs Sony

  31 March 2010

Sony Arianto Kurniawan from Indonesia has a personal website which displeased Sony Corporation because the latter claims it has legal ownership over the trademark Sony. Sony the corporation initially charged Sony the person in the court but dropped the charges later.

Indonesia: Anti-Porn Law

  31 March 2010

Province officials of Bali and Papua in Indonesia are planning not to implement the recently passed Anti-Pornography Law by claiming that the law would “stifle traditional Balinese and Papuan culture.”

Thailand: Red Shirt dog

  17 March 2010

Red Shirt anti-government protesters in Thailand also brought along a red shirt dog to the rally site last weekend.

Thailand: “Bloody” Tuesday?

  16 March 2010

The Prime Minister of Thailand has refused to step down despite the big protest rally of the anti-government Red Shirts last weekend. Now the protesters are ready to stage a "bloody" form of protest action. Bloggers and twitters continue to document the ongoing political crisis in Bangkok.

Thailand: ‘Reds’ vow a bigger rally today

  15 March 2010

Despite the summer heat, at least a hundred thousand people marched in the streets of Bangkok yesterday. The anti-government Red Shirts are giving the Prime Minister until 12 noon today to dissolve the parliament and call for a new round of elections.

Thailand: Calm before the storm?

  12 March 2010

The March 12 anti-government rally in Thailand ended peacefully with the Red Shirts vowing to return to the streets this weekend as they continue to push for the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of new elections. Twitterers and bloggers post their reactions

Thailand: The Red Shirts are coming!

  11 March 2010

The anti-government Red Shirts in Thailand are planning to stage a big rally this weekend. There is heightened tension and panic gripping the city of Bangkok. Bloggers share their views and observations.