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Singapore: Foreign workers

  20 February 2010

According to a finance committee report, Singapore will continue to welcome foreign workers. Foreigners comprise more than a third of Singapore population

Singapore: New voters

  20 February 2010

Seelan wonders whether Singapore's new citizens will vote for the administration or opposition party.

Malaysia: Pantyless movement on Valentine’s Day

  14 February 2010

Some female college students in Malaysia are calling for a “pantyless movement” on Valentine’s Day. The campaign became quite popular through word of mouth and the internet. Religious authorities are not happy with it. Bloggers react.

Thailand: Comprehensive water policy

  13 February 2010

Worried about the looming water shortage in many parts of Thailand, writer Veera Prateepchaikul calls for the drafting and implementation of a comprehensive water policy in the country

Thailand: Love Care Station

  13 February 2010

The Love Care Station blog teaches young Thais about their sexual health. There are about 600,000-700,000 people in Thailand who are infected with HIV/AIDS.

Two Vietnam websites blocked

  13 February 2010

The Vietnam government is accused of blocking two popular websites. The authors of the two websites, and, are opposed to several government policies.

Philippines: Cabinet member sues blogger

  7 February 2010

Blogger Ella Ganda from the Philippines wrote in October that relief goods intended for typhoon victims are being hoarded in a government warehouse. Three months later, she was charged with libel by a government minister. Police want to know her real name. The local blogosphere reacts.