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Brunei's ‘Nature Avengers’ Think Big

  20 February 2013

Green Brunei is a non-profit group that “promotes environmental education and creates awareness on environmental conservation and clean technology through media, activities and projects.” It aims to be the biggest green community in Brunei. Its recent project was Nature's Avengers, which involved students and young volunteers.

Thai Paper Reveals Rape Victim's Name

  20 February 2013

The publication of the full name and personal documents of British sexual assault victim in Thai media outlets raises yet again the issue of lacking ethics in Thai mainstream media when it comes to reporting about crimes and the persons involved in those. Saksith Saiyasombut criticizes Thai media papers for...

Indonesia's Bill on Mass Organizations

  18 February 2013

This legal dragon in the making will seriously restrict fundamental liberties of freedom of association & assembly and freedom of thought & expression in Indonesia. For instance it potentially will effectively prevent civil organizations from revealing, denouncing, let alone charging, criminal practices, including human trafficking or corruption. Colson reviews the...

Philippines: Human Rights Watch 2012 Report

  9 February 2013

The overall human rights situation in the Philippines improved in 2012 with fewer extrajudicial killings and the passage of historic laws promoting rights. But the government has failed to address impunity for the most serious abuses. On prosecuting rights abusers, it needs to walk the walk, not just talk the...

Vietnam: Web Filtering Data

  9 February 2013

In 2012, Herdict received over twenty thousand inaccessible reports from Vietnam, making it the country with the second-highest number of inaccessible reports, behind China. Marianna Mao summarizes the 2012 Herdict report on Vietnam

Levitating Around Singapore

  6 February 2013

Jayden Tan and Jeff Cheong have been ‘levitating’ around Singapore and they are even teaching students about the secrets of levitation photography. Their project has been gaining attention in Singapore and many people have already noted the creativity of their photos.

Somyot Case Ignites Lese Majeste Debate in Thailand

  5 February 2013

Activist Somyot Prueksakasemsuk was found guilty by the Bangkok Criminal Court of violating the Lese Majeste (anti-royal insult) law. As editor of the Voice of Taksin magazine, Somyot was slapped with a 10-year jail sentence for publishing articles that ‘insulted’ the monarchy. Somyot's case ignited debate on whether it's time for Thailand to reform the controversial law

Brunei has Freest Press in Southeast Asia?

  4 February 2013

According to the press freedom index for 2013 released by Reporters Without Borders, Brunei ranked highest in Southeast Asia (122). It was followed by Thailand (135), Indonesia (139), and Cambodia (143). Some journalists in the region were surprised with the results, in particular, the high ranking given to Brunei.

Malaysia's Green Issues in 2013

  4 February 2013

An increasingly discerning electorate coupled with growing environmental awareness means that governments and corporations can no longer get away with sloppy environmental management. Instead of being defensive, the best way forward for the state and businesses is to engage the public proactively and be transparent about the details of the...

Cambodia: Funeral of King Father Sihanouk

  4 February 2013

Hundreds of thousands of mourners lined the way, but in my estimation the crowd was noticeably smaller and thinner crowd showed for the return of the King Father's remains from China 6 months ago. A dress code was fairly strictly enforced by minders and police – white shirt/blouse, black pants/skirt,...