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Singapore: Minimum Wage Debate

  28 September 2010

Should the Singapore government impose a minimum wage policy? Hong Kong’s recent decision to adopt a minimum wage policy has sparked a debate in Singapore as to whether the prosperous city state should also fix the minimum wage of workers.

Southeast Asia: Blogging about Football

  27 September 2010

There are many football blogs in Southeast Asia that provide relevant news stories and updates about football matches and programs in the region. Here is a list of football blogs in Southeast Asia with focus on Vietnam and Cambodia.

Myanmar: BarCamp Mandalay 2011

  27 September 2010

After the successful Barcamp Yangon 2010 in Myanmar, preparations are now being made for the BarCamp Mandalay 2011. The event also has a Facebook page.

Anti-censorship webmaster arrested in Thailand

  24 September 2010

The webmaster of an independent online journal in Thailand was arrested at Bangkok airport today on charges of insulting the monarchy. Local mainstream media has been quiet about the issue but twitterers are providing information and other updates which help sustain the campaign to demand the freedom of the arrested activist

Vietnam: ‘No Firewall’ website

  23 September 2010

Pro-democracy group Viet Tan has launched the No Firewall website which aims to “assist Vietnamese internet users learn about circumvention techniques and digital security.” The Vietnam government has been accused of intensifying its internet surveillance activities to restrict dissent in the country

Vietnam: Nutrition education

  23 September 2010

The Final Word suggests that many adults in Vietnam need to be educated about basic dietary facts since many people continue to associate obesity with good health. He also observes that many women are obsessed with formula milk instead of promoting breastfeeding.

Malaysia: Historic labor town

  23 September 2010

EngageMedia uploads a video about Batu Arang, a small town in Malaysia which was the site of numerous historic labor actions in the country.

Vietnam: Cash economy

  20 September 2010

Andy Engelson shares his shopping experience in Vietnam and notes that the cash economy of the country is sometimes better than relying on credit cards.

Cambodia Tourism Magazine

  20 September 2010

The Mirror reviews the September-October 2010 copy of the Cambodia Tourism Magazine. The blogger points out some errors in the paper but also praises the relevant tourism news about Cambodia. Tourism is Cambodia's second largest foreign exchange earner.

Philippines: President answers Facebook note

  18 September 2010

A facebook user wrote an open letter to the Philippine President expressing his disappointment with the two-month old government. The letter became popular in the web; even the president wrote a response through his facebook account.

Thailand Medical Tourism Blog Contest

  17 September 2010

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a new blog contest to promote medical tourism. The decision of tourism officials to embrace social media is appreciated by many bloggers but some are questioning the strategy for this particular blog contest

Singapore, Malaysia: Mahathir Mohamad versus Lee Kuan Yew

  16 September 2010

Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew commented that Malaysia's "race politics" could have been avoided if it adopted the multiracial policies of Singapore. Former Malaysian Prime Minister responded in his blog by reminding his old rival about the weaknesses of the Singapore government.

Singapore: MP posts Parliament questions on Facebook

  15 September 2010

A Member of Parliament from Singapore posted her questions to three ministers in Facebook prior to a Parliament meeting. A netizen comments: “a good example of how FB is used properly by a politician. Personal, conversational, self-written, and communicating directly with the man in the street.”

Singapore: Tertiary Tech Conference 2010

  15 September 2010

The first Tertiary Tech Conference in Singapore will take place this weekend. It aims to gather the “best projects and brightest talents from local tertiary institutions focusing on games, augmented reality and mobile applications.”