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Movember: Campaign for Men's Health Issues

  30 November 2012

Delwin Keasberry writes about the ‘Movember Tweet Up’ event in Brunei to support the global campaign to raise awareness about men's health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression.

Brunei: ‘Bullying Awareness’ Project

  30 November 2012

The Nina Project features a ‘Bullying Awareness’ initiative based in Brunei Darussalam to help young people cope up with bullying. Internet users in Brunei are asked to support the campaign by spreading information about the issue.

South China Sea or Austronesian Sea?

  30 November 2012

Le Minh Khai thinks that “Austronesian Sea” or “Nusantao Sea” are more appropriate names for the South China Sea referring to Austronesian peoples who navigated the territory in the past. There are maritime disputes in the area involving China and several Southeast Asian countries. The Philippine government has recently renamed...

Scenes from Malaysia’s ‘Green Walk’

  26 November 2012

Malaysia’s ‘Green Walk’ started with 70 participants on November 13. After two weeks, the march ended in the country’s capital which was participated and supported by more than 15,000 people. The ‘long march’ was organized by the Himpunan Hijau group to protest the construction of a rare earth refinery in the country

Pitak Siam Rally Turns Violent in Thailand

  25 November 2012

The anti-government rally organized by Pitak Siam or “protect Thailand” network turned violent as protesters clashed with the police in Bangkok. Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd which was trying to enter a restricted zone. The protesters were demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister whom they accused of being corrupt and undemocratic.

Malaysian Residents Oppose Rare Earths Refinery

  21 November 2012

Malaysia is set to build the world's largest rare earths refinery after the High Court rejected petitions opposing the project. In response environment groups, residents, and concerned citizens have vowed to step up protests against the plant.

Philippines: How “I’m a Liar?” Became #amalayer Hashtag

  20 November 2012

A college student from the Philippines berated a female guard at a Manila train station and accused the latter of being rude. The students tirade was documented on video and was uploaded on the internet. Filipino netizens accused the student of being arrogant and disrespectful. The #amalayer hashtag, which trended worldwide, was used in reference to the student’s pronunciation of ‘I'm a liar’.

Spotlight on Cambodia’s Human Rights Record

  15 November 2012

Various civil society groups are urging global leaders who will attend the 21st summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Phnom Penh to raise the agenda of human rights protection with the Cambodian government.

Philippine Child Labor Data Portal

  15 November 2012

The Philippine government, in partnership with several child and labor groups, has launched a web portal on child labor “to share relevant data, foster communication, improve program monitoring and automate child labor case referrals” in the country.

Human Rights and Impunity in Cambodia

  15 November 2012

The list of political killings over the past 20 years is bone-chilling. While there is a public uproar after each case, officials do nothing and there are no consequences for the perpetrators or the government that protects them. Human Rights Watch documents the rise of political killings and other human...

Less Censorship in Thailand?

  15 November 2012

Jon Russell reviews the latest Google Transparency Report for the period of January to June 2012 and notes that there were fewer requests made by the Thailand government to censor websites that insult the monarchy.

Promoting Indonesia's Batik through Social Media

  11 November 2012

batikantik writes about the success of #batikday in Indonesia which has become a social media movement promoting Batik as global heritage of humanity. Batik is a traditional textile art and craft in Indonesia.

Critique of Southeast Asia Human Rights Declaration

  11 November 2012

The ASEAN Human Rights Declaration makes references to balancing the rights with responsibilities. We are of the view that this provision is based on a false premise that individual rights negate communitarian responsibilities. This is erroneous as we contend that the nature of universality, inalienability and indivisibility of individual rights...

Map Tracks Forest Encroachment in Thailand

  8 November 2012

Thanya Kunakornpaiboonsiri writes about the new map developed by Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation which was introduced to the public ‘to fight against forest encroachment and avoid land conflict in the country.’

Language Divide in Malaysia

  7 November 2012

Jerrenn Lam ponders upon the issue of language differences in Malaysia and how the schooling process can reinforce cultural divisions in the country.

Thailand Offers Online Birth Registration System

  1 November 2012

In partnership with Unicef, the Thailand government has launched an online birth registration program that is currently implemented in 44 hospitals across the country. The government is also offering a one-stop birth registration service. About 5 percent of children born each year in Thailand are not registered at birth.

Indonesia: Apps for Sustainable Palm Oil Production

  1 November 2012

The World Resources Institute has developed two online mapping tools to track forest change and sustainable palm oil production in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Deforestation in many parts of Indonesia is blamed on expanding palm oil plantations.