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Vietnam: Government Jails Three ‘Dissident’ Bloggers

  30 September 2012

Three Vietnamese bloggers have been convicted by a local court for allegedly spreading anti-government propaganda. One of them will serve a prison term of 12 years. Human rights groups immediately condemned the verdict and warned against the creeping online repression in the country.

Urban Malaysian Dictionary

  30 September 2012

Amir Muhammad's Urban Malaysian Dictionary features commonly used words in urban Malaysia. The online project started in 2008.

Cambodia: Human Rights Situation

  30 September 2012

The Special Rapporteur also noted the use of the criminal justice system against human rights defenders and those peacefully exercising their right to express opinion freely This was part of the report of the UN Human Rights Council after it conducted a dialogue in Cambodia about the human rights situation...

Malaysia: New Lacewing Species Discovered with Online Help

  23 September 2012

Malaysian photographer Guek Hock Ping blogged and posted photos of a lacewing species he found in Selangor, Malaysia. Readers saw it in his blog and Flickr page and eventually scientists confirmed that it's a new species of lacewing. It's now called Semachrysa jade

Brunei: e-Darussalam Government Portal

  23 September 2012

e-Darussalam is Brunei's official web portal which aims to facilitate government transactions and delivery of services. The website also offers the contact details of the country's major government agencies.

Thailand: Historic Cigarette Cards Now Digitized

  23 September 2012

Historically 176 sets of cards, totaling around 9000 individual cards, representing 42 tobacco companies, were made for the Thai market. Of these some 60 sets were Thai specific designs. To many people, these cards are simply beautiful; collectable as artistic or decorative objects… Through its online catalog, New Mandala has...

Thailand’s Lese Majeste Law: ‘A Strange Legislation that Needs Reform’

  21 September 2012

Article 112 of Thailand’s criminal code is often described as the world’s harshest Lese Majeste (anti-royal insult) law. The controversial law is often invoked to censor web content and shut down websites. A contributor of Global Voices went to Bangkok and interviewed a former staff of the Committee to Investigate Lese Majeste Cases in the Royal Thai Police.

Thailand: Mobile App for Traffic Reports

  16 September 2012

Thailand's National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre has released a mobile application called FM91BKK which helps users to access specific traffic reports in their areas.

Philippines: Senate President Wants Law to Regulate Blogs

  12 September 2012

Philippine Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile admitted that he doesn’t know anything about blogs and blogging but he still proposed a law to regulate blogs after one of his colleagues in the senate complained of being a victim of cyber bullying. Many people think it is an attempt to restrict online freedom in the country.

Cambodia: Mandatory Internet Surveillance Cameras

  9 September 2012

The Cambodian government is enforcing a circular drafted earlier this year which requires internet cafes to set up surveillance cameras and to register callers. The circular is seen by some netizens as a threat to internet freedom.

Malaysia: Discrimination Against Women Workers

  6 September 2012

We want the guarantee of equality and non-discrimination on the basis of gender, etc for everyone in Malaysia. It must be a guarantee enjoyed by all workers, both in public and private sector. Gender discrimination still persists in Malaysia, according to blogger Charles Hector.

Philippines: Plastic Ban Map

  1 September 2012

A google map page shows the cities and municipalities in the Philippines which have banned the use of plastic in commercial establishments.