· July, 2007

Stories about Ethiopia from July, 2007

Ethiopia: new music from Ethiopia

  30 July 2007

Addis Journal reviews a new CD by the Ethiopian musician, Gossaye Tesfaye: “It’s been some three weeks since Gossaye Tesfaye’s newest Amharic CD, ‘Satamagn bila’ was released.The Amharic phrase ‘Satamagn Bila’ is normally used to higlight political conflict when one party is trying to rationalize its act of bad deeds.But...

Ethiopia: Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodoxy churches sign truce

  20 July 2007

The end of two decades of tension between the Coptic Orthodoxy and the Ethiopian Orthodox churches: ““You have made history”. This is how a Coptic Metropolitan described the reconciliation brought about by His Holiness Aram I (Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church) between the...

Ethiopia: lies of the millenium

  13 July 2007

Read Enset's post about the Ethiopian government titled, Lies of the Millenium: “In the last two years, Ethiopia has produced a plethora of pathological liars; in fact, it produced more public liars than honest judges. Historically, Ethiopia is a country where the supply of the truth has always been in...

Expat Ethiopians reflect on the sounds and smells of home

  12 July 2007

The ties that bind expatriate Ethiopians to their home country dominated the Ethiopian blogosphere over the past few weeks. Ethiopians living in the US, Europe and Asia came up with a series of emotional posts, exploring childhood memories, local food, music and the broader subject of national identity.