· May, 2006

Stories about Ethiopia from May, 2006

Ethiopia: Jews in Israel

  31 May 2006

Nazret.com points to an article on….” Ethiopian jews living in Israel who the report says have the lowest income but the highest hopes “Ethiopian immigrants ranked lowest on the quality of life index, which considers per-capita income, per-room housing density and basic spending.” Surprise surprise!

Ethiopia: Shortsighted government

  29 May 2006

CoffeeChillinsun comments on the short sightedness of Ethiopia's government in expelling journalist, AddisFerenj two months ago. She is not travelling throughout Europe and speaking on the human rights situation in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: Building firewalls

  26 May 2006

Satisfy My Soul comments on the alleged blocking of blogspot by the Ethiopian government…”In any case, now that it’s official that bloggers (and now chatters) have been added to EPRDF’s long list of “enemies of the constitution”, what’s to stop them from rounding us up (of course, those of us...

Senegal: Immigration as colonization

  25 May 2006

“No Sarkozy! Immigration does not come from a vacuum,” says (Fr) Semett in a post on French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy's immigration policies. “With centuries of merciless exploitation of subsaharan countries and a continuous transfer of their riches to the North, it is logical that the disinherited masses from Africa...

Ethiopia: Disappearing blogs

  22 May 2006

Ethiopia's blogosphere was awash with speculation and accusations today after all websites hosted by the popular Blogger platform disappeared from the country's computer screens. Twenty-three of the 32 Ethiopian blogs tracked by Global Voices could not be accessed by Ethiopian internet users – who all rely on the state monopoly...

African Diaspora: Victory for Sarkozy's Immigration Law

” [French Interior Minister] Sarkozy's immigration law [CESEDA] passed in the French National Assembly! ” says (Fr) Aimafrica . “For a country like Mali, this could be the beginning of an economic catastrophy. France … after having looted our riches and our people, wants business as usual. She no longer...

Ethiopia: Blogspot blocked

  19 May 2006

Ethiopian Life reports that the Government has blocked all blogspot blogs….”Over the last two days, all blogspots blogs including http://www.seminawork.blogspot.com/ have been blocked in Ethiopia.”

Chad: What is France doing there?

  17 May 2006

Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique asks (Fr) “What is France doing in Chad? In Africa?” and answers: “The day before yesterday, they waved the communist threat to explain France's presence in Africa. Yesterday Anglo-American jolts justified the need to stay. Today Islamist regimes peak their heads in and explain our...

Africa: Clandestine Emigration

  17 May 2006

Seckasysteme would like to see (Fr) “a summit of West African heads of state so that clandestine emigration can be uprooted and so as to find a durable solution to the problem.” “Hundreds have died since the beginning of the year for having simply tried to escape misery,” continues the...

Ethiopia: Bombings

  17 May 2006

CoffeeChillunSun comments on the recent bombings in Ethiopia.…”It leaves a strange sense of unease that doesn't dissipate anymore- we now listen out for any loud-ish bang, look out for strange behaviour (difficult in Addis) and stick to the most familiar areas and routes when out and about.”

Ethiopia: Jailing of journalists

  17 May 2006

Black Star Journal comments on the Ethiopian journalists who were charged with genocide by the government of Meles Zenawi. Needless to say the arrest of the so called treasoness and genocidal journalists has not stopped the bombing in Addis.

Ethiopia: Tell your stories

  16 May 2006

Weichegud!ET Politics calls on her fellow Ethiopians to “tell the story” of the Ethiopian elections and provides a list of sites supporting Ethiopia Day – 15th May

Ethiopia: Zenawi on Blair

Nigeria Whats New comments on Ethiopia's President, Zenawi who has “has accused Mr Blair of behaving like an old colonial master in cutting off aid in response to the killing by government troops of scores of opposition protesters last year.“

Ethiopia: Bombs in Addis

  15 May 2006

Meskel Square comments on the 9 bombs that exploded in Addis Ababa on Friday. “Again, easy “civilian” targets were chosen…… the timing seemed designed to get commuters on their way to work. If you put bombs on line-cab buses on busy traffic routes it means you are out to maim...

Ethiopia: Troops deployed to Ogaden region

  15 May 2006

EthioBlog reports that the Ethiopian government has deployed troops in the south east region of Ogaden. The move appears to be to protect the upcoming seismic survey by Chinese and Malaysian oil firms next month. Rebels are operating in the region which may provoke outbreaks of violence

Ethiopia: Interview with Obang Metho

  15 May 2006

Ethiopian Politics publishes an audio interview he had with Mr. Obang Metho Director of International Advocacy, for Anuak Justice Council (AJC) in which he discusses various human rights and political issues.

Voices of African Women

  8 May 2006

Afromusing continues her excellent reports on solar power in Africa. She has opened up her blog to take questions on alternative energy in Africa and here she answers a question from Mshairi on when will the high costs of installing solar panels come down. Yes, the time is drawing near...

African Diaspora: Hard times for Africans in France and Belgium

Several francophone blogs have tackled African immigrants’ latest tribulations in France and Belgium. Choosing Immigrants Le Pangolin criticizes French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest round of immigration policies. The blogger sees Sarkozy’s approach as a diversion from the real social issues raised by protestors of the CPE [Youth Employment Law]....