· January, 2007

Stories about Ethiopia from January, 2007

Ethiopia: Gaddafi won the prize

  31 January 2007

“Gaddafi won the prize for the biggest entourage – three jets and a smaller cargo – and the best outfit – blue/purple/orange wraparound shares. white and yellow robes, green Africa badge and every military medal you can think of,” writes Meskel Square in a post about the arrival of dignitaries...

Ethiopia/Somali: Addis Ababa's little Mogadishu

  18 January 2007

Andrew Heavens writes about his two photos of Addis Ababa's little Mogadishu, “My two Reuters photos of Addis Ababa's ‘Little Mogadishu’ district have sparked quite a discussion over at Nazret.com.”

Ethiopian bloggers fear for future in Somalia

  16 January 2007

The Ethiopian invasion of Somalia is ending freedom of speech in Somalia. That was the blunt conclusion of undercover Ethiopian blogger Seminawork in his post Somali media under attack, as news came through that Somalia's Ethiopia-backed Transitional Government had shut down independent radio stations and even closed the offices of...

Ethiopia: Jesus was born on January 7

  11 January 2007

Did you know that Ethiopians celebrate Christmas in January? Read Meskel Square, “As everyone who reads this must know by now, Ethiopia has its own calendar and time system – 7am is 1am, 2007 is currently 1999, there are 13 months in the year and Christ was born on January...

Bloggers warn of insurgency after Ethio-Somali war

  2 January 2007

Ethiopian and Somali government troops drove Islamist forces out of their last stronghold in Somalia yesterday, just eight days after the start of a major military offensive. The apparently easy victory, however, did little to appease the region's bloggers, many of whom have been against the confrontation since the start....

Ethiopia: activist flees the country

  2 January 2007

Ethiopian Life, Politics, Culture and Arts reports that Ashenafi Kebede, Ethiopia's journalist and activist, has fled the country. His life was in danger after distributing Dr. Berhanu Nega's book, The Dawn of Freedom, and civil disobedience calendar.

Africa: Ethiopia's James Brown

  2 January 2007

Ben Loxo writes about James Brown's influence in Africa, “Benn loxo listener, Henri, sent me this Sekouba Diabaté track to post as a tribute. I’ll also post a track by “Ethiopia’s James Brown”, Alemayehu Eshete, to show how far his influence spread.”