· November, 2012

Stories about Ethiopia from November, 2012

Is Meles Zenawi's Ghost Haunting Ethiopians?

  28 November 2012

Although Meles Zenawi, the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, was formally declared dead three months ago after months of speculation about his whereabouts, his ghost shows no sign of loosening its grip over Ethiopians.

Is Ethiopia Fit to be a Member of the United Nations Human Rights Council?

  16 November 2012

Ethiopia was among four African countries that were elected as members of the United Nations Human Rights Council on 12 November, 2012. Considering Ethiopia's poor human rights record, many Ethiopians online feel that their country is not fit to be a member of the council. One netizen uses a local proverb to describe Ethiopia's membership at the council, "A fool makes a donkey carry red meat and send her along with a hyena! So the hyena will chomp through the red meat and later turn on the donkey!"