· September, 2006

Stories about Ethiopia from September, 2006

Ethiopia: were blogs blocked?

  28 September 2006

“One day Ethiopia had one of the busiest and fastest-growing blogging scenes in the whole of Africa. The next, more than two-thirds of its online journals simply disappeared,” begins the BBC's Focus on Africa magazine article about the great Ethiopian blog blockage.

Ethiopia: are there pro-government websites?

  28 September 2006

Meskel Square's reader wants to know if there are any pro-government websites in Ethiopia: “hey, i was just wondering are there any pro-meles or government websites? all i can find is one sided against the gov't, would like to see the other side…“

Africa: renewable technologies

  28 September 2006

Africa Unchained writes, “Karekezi, S…surveys (PDF) the dissemination of renewable technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa…and attempts to evaluate the potential for these technologies to meet the energy needs of Africa’s poor…“

Ethiopian bloggers rally to save controversial bill

  27 September 2006

Ethiopia’s diaspora bloggers are flexing their political muscles in a bid to save a controversial bill they claim has been blocked in the US Congress. The highly-politicised groups of Ethiopian writers living in the USA published a flurry of posts over the past week to persuade Congress to pass House...

Africa: Moving on from the digital indaba

  25 September 2006

Meskel Square on “Moving on from the Digital Indaba“: “Overall it was a huge success. One way of judging that is to look at all the discussions that are still carrying on in posts and comments and Technorati links. The discussions started with the race debate which I now wish...

Africa: digital citizen indaba controversy

  23 September 2006

It is most likely that the organizers of the Digital Citizen Indaba on Blogging in South Africa did not anticipate the controversy that has dominated the African blogosphere for about two weeks now. The controversy, for the most part, has centred around the words, African and indaba. Indaba is a...

Ethiopia: new book from a jailed politician

  20 September 2006

Ethiopian Paradox informs us about a new book written by the jailed mayor of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Dr. Berhanu Nega, “As or When the Dawn of Freedom Breaks”: “It makes compelling reading when the author is in jail and his pen, head, heart and spirit- together and in unison defy...

Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights in Ethiopia

  20 September 2006

In a post titled “Liberal Democracy in Action,” Ethiopia Pundit writes: “Also … EthioMedia reports that “The phones ring off the hook” at House Speaker's Office.” Ethiopian-Americans are exercising their democratic rights in support of Ethiopians who can not. The calls are to House Speaker Dennis Hastert with the aim...

Ethiopia: who needs enemies?

  18 September 2006

“With allies like this, who needs enemies?,” Weichegud asks, and continues to write: “The neighboring Ethiopian government, led by a rabid Marxist ethnicologist who got the Bill Clinton “Enlightened African leader” stamp of approval, was sanguine with the lawlessness in Somalia, even encouraging it, believing that a fractured Somalia was...

Ethiopia's bloggers remember two prisoners

  5 September 2006

Tributes to two imprisoned men stood out from Ethiopia's blogosphere over the past fortnight. ET Wonqette of the blog Weichegud ET Politics came up with a heart-rending portrait of Ato G [Ato = Mr.], an elderly man employed by her and a group of friends to look after a small...