· December, 2008

Stories about Ethiopia from December, 2008

Ethiopia: Most popular stories of 2008

  26 December 2008

EthioBlog at Nazret.com posted a list of the top 50 stories of 2008 in this popular Ethiopian news portal. At the top of the list there's a story about Forbes magazine listing Addis Ababa as the 6th world's dirtiest city.

Ethiopia: Clerics seek constitutional ban on homosexuality

  25 December 2008

EthioBlog reports that religious leaders in Ethiopia have urged lawmakers to amend the country's constitution to ban homosexuality, sparking a heated debate amongst the readers of the blog about homosexuality in Ethiopia with over 300 comments.

MSF's Top 10 Humanitarian Crises in 2008

  23 December 2008

MSF (Doctors without borders) has released its annual list of Top 10 Humanitarian Crises of 2008 and the DR Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia and Ethiopia's Somali region made the cut. Several bloggers have commented on the list, including The Road to the Horizon who noted that there was “no under-reporting...

Ethiopia: A child's glimpse on the country

  15 December 2008

Samuel Gebru reviews the book Tsion's Life, written from the perspective of an Ethiopian child by an American woman that adopted him. According to Gebru, the book “captures the essence of a child's life growing up in urban Ethiopia” and “is simply a useful guide to Ethiopia for all –...

Ethiopia: Is the Orthodox church losing ground?

  9 December 2008

Arefe of Addis Journal comments on the decrease in the number of Orthodox Christians, traditionally the dominant church in Ethiopia, in the new census of the country. And, drawing on Professor Medhane Tadesse's essay, “Religion, Peace and the Future of Ethiopia”, he analyses the reasons for this decrease.

Ethiopia: Teddy Afro gets a six-year sentence

  6 December 2008

Addis Journal reports that Teddy Afro was been given a six-year sentence on Monday, convicted on two charges of killing a homeless in hit-and-run accident and driving away without reporting the incident. His arrest last April two years after the original incident captured nationwide interest, was filled with drama and...