· July, 2005

Stories about Ethiopia from July, 2005

Ethiopia: Victim profile

27 July 2005

Friends of Ethiopia points to an article about a young woman who died in an anti-government protest.

Sub-Saharan Africa Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

African Bullets and Honey was in London on the day of the attack, and concludes that “whenever I think about the scale and importance of the lives of people I love, and then consider those who were killed today, I am forced to conclude that a single human life is...

Sub-Saharan Africa Daily Blog Roundup

  5 July 2005

Timbuktu Chronicles passes on some interesting information about a virtual marketplace, enabled by the use of cellphones. Andrew Heavens of Meskel Square interviews two Addis Ababa university students about Live 8. Africa Vox is a group blog by African journalists who are covering the G8 summit this year. Via Kenya...

African Blog Roundup

  4 July 2005

Debates over the relevance of Live 8 have kept the African blogosphere jumping this weekend. Andrew Heavens of Meskel Square is amazed that “you can't open a British newspaper (or in my case website) at the moment without reading someone's views on Africa”. Onyango Oloo of Kenya Democracy Project has...