· February, 2007

Stories about Ethiopia from February, 2007

Ethiopia: plight of Tigrayans

  26 February 2007

Ethiopundit writes about the plight of Tigrayans in Ethiopia, “What Meles is describing is not a relationship with Tigrayans based on loyalty or common interest or affection but one based on coercion, fear and contempt. That is the only way that such absolute obedience can be rationally expected from any...

Ethiopia: ethnic cleansing

  20 February 2007

Ewenet Means Truth in Ethiopia writes about the plight of the Afar people: “The Eritrean government is ethnically cleansing the Afar people and pushing them into Ethiopia. A Canadian humanitarian worker who went to the Afar region in Ethiopia tells of their plight in his 7 part travel diary series...

Ethiopia: detained lawyer released

  14 February 2007

“Berhane Mogese, the lawyer who was accused of trying to overthrow the government through unconstitutional means, was released by court today after a year of detention. Berhane was arrested in March 2006,” Ethiopian Life, Culture, Politics and Arts reports.

Ethiopia: lives are shared

  14 February 2007

A blogger's impression after visiting home, Ethiopia, from China, “Lives are shared. People remember what you did or didn't do years after events have passed. Relationships feel permanent, not in a stagnant boring way but in a manner that is cadenced and reassuring.”

Who is visiting Africa?

  9 February 2007

Chinese President Hu Jintao is on a 10-day-visit to Africa now. Many state-owned news media such as Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily, headline his visit on their websites’ front page almost everyday. His tour has also attracted attention from Chinese netizens. The Chinese government regards Hu’s visit as a...

Ethiopia: human rights abuses

  6 February 2007

Ethiopian Life, Politics, Culture and Arts writes about the Ethiopian government's response to Amnesty International's report, “AI's report on torture at Maekelawi(which was first reported on this blog) has left the EPRDF machine confused and utterly discombobulated. The federal police flip-flopped twice in four hours over the issue.”

Sudan:The Chinese Are Coming And Losing AU Chair

  4 February 2007

This roundup's highlights are Sudan losing African Union Chair to Ghana and some thoughts on China's interests in Africa. Black Kush is relieved that Sudan's president Omar Hassan al-Bashir has lost the bid to become the head of the African Union: So the African heads have spoken. In the traditional...