· October, 2005

Stories about Ethiopia from October, 2005

Ethiopia: Trafficking to Bahrain

27 October 2005

Friends of Ethiopia has a post about an Ethiopian woman who has gone public with her story about being trafficked to Bahrain. Her story has been made into a film by the International Organisaiton of Migration in order to end the silence around the trafficking of Ethiopian women.

Lawsuit against the US

  18 October 2005

Ethiopundit seems to have got his dates a week ahead for some reason. He reports on the Ethiopian Government's lawsuit against four US journalists which they may now have now dropped.

17 October 2005

Ethiopian Paradox predicts the end of Prime Minister “Meles the Terrible” of Ethiopia as the country remains in the grip revolutionary fervor with one “Mahal Sefari” leading the movement.

Ethiopia: Still smokin’

  10 October 2005

Ethiopundit writes a detailed analysis of the effect of current and historical land ownership patterns on poverty in the country, and puts in a plea on behalf of a nicotine-stained inmate of a Chinese zoo.

Ethiopia: Marxism in motion

  4 October 2005

“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.” Which is just as well if you're trying to make sense of the Ethiopian constitution, writes Ethiopundit.