· May, 2011

Stories about Ethiopia from May, 2011

Ethiopia: Are “Land Grab” Deals a Path to Food Security?

  18 May 2011

The push by multinational corporations and foreign governments in recent years to obtain fertile land in African countries, such as Ethiopia, has spurred debate. Will the move will lead to development, or is it "land grabbing" that further threatens the continent's food security?

Ethiopia: In search of genuine musicians

  9 May 2011

Endalk is in search of genuine music artists in Ethiopia: “Although we had remarkable artists like Tilahun Gessese and Ali Bira singing “political” music way back during the imperial regime in the 1950’s and 1960’ the influence of music on the general public came into the forefront during election 2005...

Ethiopia: Artist finds inspiration in banana plant

  9 May 2011

Ethiopian blogger Arefe meets Bany Payne (Ras Hailu Tafari), an artist based in Ethiopia who “draws his inspiration from his feelings for land and banana tree which was the chief produce in his home country, St. Vincent, Caribbean Island.”