· November, 2005

Stories about Ethiopia from November, 2005

Ethiopia: VOA

30 November 2005

Ethiopian Politics writes in support of the VOA Amharic Program which is described as “A voice to the voiceless”...We the undersigned Ethiopians, Ethio-Americans and friends of Ethiopia who are concerned and disturbed by the Ethiopian government’s deliberate attempt to shut down all free press and journalistic activities, here by, alert...

Ethiopia: VOA

30 November 2005

Meskel Square reports about an ongoing “war” between Ethiopia and the Voice of America. The battle surrounds VOA broadcast service in Amharic. The Ethiopian News Agency comments on VOA “In their phone-in programs they have deliberately selected and organized individuals who have rehearsed what bad things to say about the...

Africa: Western Media reports

  29 November 2005

Ethan Zuckerman, My Hearts in Accra comments on a New York Times article that has belatedly ‘discovered’ the state sponsored violence that took place in Ethiopia earliar this month. He goes on to discuss other press reports in Western media and notes a possible change in reporting……“there appears to be...

Ethiopia: US

28 November 2005

Ethiopundit writes on the recent state violence in Ethiopia and the complicity of the US as exporters of arms to the Ethiopian government. Arms which are then used on Ethiopian citizens and opposition leaders…..”The War on Terror must be fought with vigor and determination but Ethiopia seems to have slipped...

Ethiopia, Eritrea military build up

  25 November 2005

Friends of Ethiopia reports the UN is threatening acton against Ethiopia and Eritrea if they do not reverse their military build up. If either nation refuses they could face sanctions.

Meskel Square

24 November 2005

Meskel Square posts that “”The report of my death has been grossly exaggerated”…………..So I go on an unannounced internet holiday and come back to find I've been killed off in a car crash (see the comments at the bottom of the last post). Nice work Alexander. Just the right mixture...

Ethiopia: Crown Council

22 November 2005

Ethiopia Pundit publishes a statement by the Crown Council of Ethiopia…..”Regrettably, we seem to remain oblivious to the tragic lessons learned from the terrible events of last June. Indeed, accusations and counter-accusations have accelerated and extremism has gained a life of its own. The emotionally seductive rhetoric of, “You’re either...

Ethiopia: light relief

18 November 2005

Meskel Square has some light relief from Addis Ababa after weeks of violence….some nice photos too of the hour. ………….The gloom that has settled over most people I know in Addis lifted for exactly one hour and 35 minutes over the weekend. The event was an official training morning for...

Ethiopia:treason arrests

18 November 2005

Friends of Ethiopia reports more on the arrest of opposition leaders who are now being held on charges of treasons. ………Dr Nega and his colleagues are being held on charges of treason, which is punishable by death under Ethiopian law. Amnesty International regards them as prisoners of conscience, arrested solely...

Ethiopia: Somaliland

  18 November 2005

Inside Somaliland reports on landlocked Ethiopia's first import of cargo through the Red Sea port of Berbera in Somaliland.

Ethiopia: Government by trikery

14 November 2005

Ethiopundit reports on the BBC news item stating that the Ethiopian government had released 2,417 who had been detained during last weeks demonstrations. However, Ethiopundit points out that “We only have the word of a murderous dictatorship that these people were released. No one knows how many were arrested to...

EthiopiaL Geffrey Sachs

11 November 2005

Ethiopian blogger Wonkette of Weichegud!Et Politics returns to her/his childhood days in Addis Ababa where his neighbours were expat Brits working for an NGO. s/he made friends with the daughter and everything was great until one summer when her cousin came to visit. Things went pear shaped when the cousin...

Ethiopian Jews

10 November 2005

Ethiopian blog Admas reports that Israel has reached a deal with the Ethiopian government to speed up the ” immigration to the Jewish state of some 20,000 Falashmura, Jewish converts to Christianity who have complained of delays in their promised relocation”. Israel is home to some 200,000 Jews of Ethiopian...

Horn of Africa: HR petition

  8 November 2005

Inside Somaliland reports on a petition against the worsening human rights violations in Ethiopia. The petition is being organised by a Horn of Africa coalition consisting of “Human Rights Defenders from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Somaliland, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, united in the East and Horn of Africa...

8 November 2005

Ethiopian News reports that 24 opposition leaders have been brought to court in Addis Ababa. Althought they have not yet been charged they are “suspected of “trying to bring an end to the constitutional system by violence.” Meles has blamed the main opposition group, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy...

Ethiopia: Meles

7 November 2005

Ethiopundit provides an analysis of the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia 14 years after liberation “MELES THE SUPERMAN SWALLOWS GOLD AND SPOUTS JUNK“

Ethiopia,Eritrea border crisis

  7 November 2005

Friends of Ethiopia looks at the border crisis between Ethiopia and it's neighbour Eritrea and notes that the crisis conicided with the continued political violence in Addis and Adaba.

Ethiopia: violence continues

4 November 2005

More sickening violence in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa – EthioExodus “A homeless pregnant woman was running for shelter from flying bullets…literally dragging her may be 3yrs old boy as the unfortunate, who have nowhere to hide in, so week to keep up, fell behind and got hit by a machine...

The Riots in Addis: Bloggers and Citizen Journalists report

  3 November 2005

Addis Ababa has been gripped by violence the past three days as heavily armed police and troops have responded to rock-throwing protesters with gunfire. Over thirty deaths have been reported. Bloggers and citizen journalists have been keeping the world posted on events within Addis and their larger importance. Doctors rush...