· March, 2006

Stories about Ethiopia from March, 2006

Battling HIV/AIDS

  31 March 2006

The Concoction appears to disagree with former US president Bill Clinton when he calls for mandatory testing for HIV/AIDS. It also tells of what it calls “brave Catholics” in South Africa who are going against Vatican teachings and advocating the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Ethiopia: Permanently in debt?

  28 March 2006

Weichegud!ET comments on the waste of aid money to Ethiopia which has not alliviated poverty and the country is in the midst of yet another drought. She asks why does Ethiopia want to be a “permanent welfare mother” “International aid comes with more strings attached to it than Donald Trump’s...

East Africa: press freedom

  27 March 2006

Nazret.Net points to an report on press freedom in East Africa and sites Eritrea as the worst country in the region.

Ethiopia: Exploisions in the capital

27 March 2006

Meskel Square reports on two more explosions in Addis today – at least one person was killed….”No one so far has managed to come up with a clear explanation of who is behind all this. Journalists are starting to talk of “mysterious explosions”; the government blamed the last blasts on...

Africa: We Can't Blame Everything on the West

  26 March 2006

Le Pangolin writes (FR): “So long as we fail to entertain critiques of our destructive ways, we will always be dominated by the West. Imagine for a moment all Africans living in Europe creating investment funds; they could then purchase on [various] stock markets the very companies that determine the...

African women blogging this week

  26 March 2006

It is that time of the year for those of us in the Diaspora, long nights and dark days in Europe set the heart and mind to thinking of life at home. Mshairi expresses her homesickness through a poem “Home (Again)” I want to stand by the shore as graceful...

Ethiopia: World water Day

  22 March 2006

Concoction reminds us it is World Water Day. She focuses on the act of “fetching water” which is largely ignored….fetching water is not something men do unless they are alone.” At which point the man has daily incentives to pay a lobola to purchase his daughter as his lover, wife,...

Ethiopia's bloggers remember their poet laureate

  22 March 2006

Memories of one man dominated the Ethiopian blogosphere over the past few weeks – the father of Ethiopian theatre and Poet Laureate Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin. His death in late February went unnoticed by much of the international and African press outside Ethiopia. So it was largely down to the country's bloggers,...

Ethiopia: Fear grips the capital

  21 March 2006

Nazret.com writes that Ethiopians are grippped with fear – fear to speak and meet with each other…”A climate bordering on fear has taken hold of the Ethiopian capital as journalists, lawyers and politicians carefully measure their public remarks and contacts in the face of widespread arrests and prosecutions”

Ethiopia: The fantasy of Meles

  20 March 2006

Mehedeya also commenting on an Ethiopia related report this time from the Economist which finally turns the heat on Meles.... “It is hard, for instance, to find any educated Ethiopian, even in the government, who really believes opposition leaders were plotting “genocide” against the ethnic Tgreans, the group from which...

Ethiopia: realities of economic growth

  20 March 2006

Ethiopundit comments on a recent Reuters report that Ethiopia could end extreme poverty if it continued it's 7% economic growth of the past three years. .”The Ethiopian government's style of 7% growth would have to be sustained for several centuries of ‘decades’ to pull off that trick. Too bad none...

Ethiopia: Diaspora Politics

  17 March 2006

Weichegud! ET Politics continues her mission to get more Ethiopians in the Diaspora to get invovled in Ethiopian politics. … “Time for Ethiopian Immigrants to Reconsider Alliance with Democrats. Hello, yes! Following up on HR 4423 by those of us in the States is crucial. Call your representative and senators,...

From Darfur to Avian Flu: Views from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  17 March 2006

The Darfur crisis continues to dominate the English-speaking Sudanese blogosphere. The blog Coalition for Darfur quotes a World Food Program (WFP) report, which tells of rations of pulses, sugar and salt being cut from March 2006 in Darfur. This is as a result of “slow donor response to WFP’s Emergency...

Ethiopia: oil exploration

  15 March 2006

Redeem Ethiopia comments on the commencement of oil exploration in Ethiopia. He is particularly concerned over the “Many warning alarms have already been given against the dangerous marriage of convenience that is developing between the present illegitimate Ethiopian government and Asian oil interests”

Ethiopia: Drought update

  15 March 2006

Meskel Square posts another report on drought striken Oromia and Somali regions – a small amount of rain has fallen.

Ethiopia: New leaders – same old autocrats

  14 March 2006

Ethiopundit comments on a report in the LA Times which likens the new African leaders to the autocrats of old..“Tens of thousands are in prison camps, thousands are dead and those who operated in a false democratic space supposedly guaranteed by the West are ‘on trial’ for their lives for...

Ethiopia: journalist jailed

  13 March 2006

EthioBlog reports that an Ethiopian jounalist has been sentenced to one year in prison for writing “false news”. Meanwhile another journalist, pregnant Internet journalist Frezer Negash was freed from custody.

IWD: Honouring African Women – Part 2

  8 March 2006

Pilgrimage to Self honours the “unheard voices” of African women – the women who maintain our communities but never get the recognition. This is for the woman who watches as her country is ravaged by war…..This is for the woman who has been sold into marriage for sake of family,...