· April, 2006

Stories about Ethiopia from April, 2006

Ethiopia: Blogging media

  26 April 2006

Ethiopian blogConcoction points to an op/ed in the Economist that claims that news media are “already feeling the heat” from the blogosphere as blogs are changing the media.

Sudan: genocide

  26 April 2006

Weichegud!ET Politics comments on Darfur, Rwanda and the failure of the West and Africa to act – in the case of Darfur we have been warned over and over yet still nothing happens. We as Africans also need to take responsibility…”Excuse me. 400,000 people have died. When do we start...

AddisFerengi returns as Ethiopia's blogosphere explodes

  24 April 2006

AddisFerengi, one of Ethiopia's most controversial bloggers, was back in business this week with a load of back-dated posts, after temporarily shutting herself down and leaving the country amid claims of threats and warnings over her safety. The French citizen and now former resident of Addis Ababa told her whole...

African women this week.

  23 April 2006

Congratulations to Kenyan women bloggers who have won Kenya Unlimited Kaybee awards 2006. Mshairi for best poetry blog; Gussaurus for best new blog and most interactive blog; Mama's Junkyard for best design; Au Lait for blogger one would most like to meet; and Kenyan Pundit for best political blog. Nigerian...

Ethiopia: bomb blasts

  21 April 2006

Weblog Ethiopia reports on yet another bomb blast, this time in the border region of Jijiga, Gedo. He wonders what the government has to gain (if they are responsble for the bomb) from this action. “Nobody wins from instability in Ethiopia, not even some in the opposition who are calling...

Ethiopia: Opposition leaders

  18 April 2006

Carpe Diem Ethiopia comments on the government's (EPRDF) announcement that opposition leaders will be charged with genocide and he wonders how does”one defend against the charge of genocide”.

Ethiopia: Growing blogosphere

  18 April 2006

ET Weichegud!ET Politics comments on the “the mushrooming ETblogverse.” and theorizes why more Ethiopians in Ethiopia are entering the blogosphere and provides an excellent review of the blogs.

Ethiopia: US State Dept policy

  17 April 2006

Redeem Ethiopia wonders what the US state dept is up to referring to a recent speech by the US Charge d’ Affairs in which she expressed a wish for Meles’ government to release prisoners rather than “calling for the release“….”By going on the record to state that the courts should...

Ethiopia: concert

  17 April 2006

African music blog, Benn loxo du taccu reports on an Ethiopian concert he attended last week. Great music and video clips of an amazing sax solo by Getatchew Mekuria – I have already played it half a dozen times.

Views from the Horn of Africa and Sudan

  14 April 2006

Ethiopia is one of only four African nations that were never colonies of a European power. Though independent, Ethiopia was subjected to Italian occupation from 1936 to 1941. ethiopundit takes us back in history—110 years ago—to the Battle of Adwa, in which Ethiopian forces defeated the technologically superior Italian colonialists:...

Ethiopia: changes in US foreign policy?

  13 April 2006

weichegud! ET Politics comments that there may just be some “palpable change in the US’ talking points about Ethiopia” and on the progress of HR4423 - the bill being presented to the US House of Representatives that condems Zenawi's government and calls on the US President to change US foreign...

Ethiopia: religion

  12 April 2006

Ethiopian blogger, Aqumada posts on Ethiopians and Religion and posts an article called “Soul Searching” by Fasil Yitbarek.

Ethiopia: Battle of Adwa

  11 April 2006

Ethiopundit remembers the Battle of Adwa which was a victory against colonialism for Ethiopia..“For the victors it was decisive; for the vanquished, catastrophic. The Italian colonialist soldiers were crushed. Their casualty figure was 70%; all their artillery pieces were captured, one out of four of their generals was taken prisoner...

African music (#6)

  11 April 2006

Coupé-Décalé? I went blank when my lady friend Tchi asked if I knew about Coupé-Décalé. A wiki entry for Coupé-Décalé provides a brief definition: “The Coupe-Decale created by Doucoure during the militaro-political crisis in Cote d'Ivoire,reflects the aspirations of the Ivorian youth. Coupe-Decale is a very melodious and percussive African...

Ethiopia: Online military recruitment

  10 April 2006

Weblog Ethiopia writes on a worrying developing in the Eritrea/Ethiopian relationship. “A group of Ethiopian opponents supported by Eritrea and in favour of armed struggle has embarked on an advertising campaign using the Internet.”